The Best TV Podcasts For Those Of Us Who Can't Get Enough Of Our Favorite Shows

When you’re a true fan of a TV series, like I am about HGTV’s Fixer Upper, you dread the end of an episode and the inevitable seven-day waiting period before the next one. Unless a show like Maury is your jam, in which case you typically only have wait about 24 hours. The end of season binge feels more like the beginning of a stay in Litchfield. You want more, more, MORE!

Luckily we have podcasts that let us stay in our favorite fictional worlds for a little while longer. I’ve rounded up some of the best TV podcasts to help you with your withdrawals. Unfortunately for me there is no Fixer Upper podcast. Maury fans, you’re out of luck, too.

Kumail Nanjiani's The X Files Files

Kumail Nanjiani, star of Silicon Valley and writer of the forthcoming rom-com The Big Sick, is also a HUGE X-Files nerd. In this lively podcast, Nanjiani and a guest discuss an especially good episode in the massive X-Files oeuvre. Plus, it's Kumail Nanjiani, so you know it's going to be funny.
Gilmore Guys

Thinking about reliving the best of youth by bingeing Gilmore Girls on Netflix? If so, you'll need trusty companions to rehash each episode with. Look no further than Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe, two best friends who, over the course of 700 podcast episodes, break down every episode of Gilmore Girls. With a critical and affectionate eye, Porter and Adejuyigbe comb each episode for pop culture references, shortcomings, and strengths, before landing on a final rating.
Will You Accept This Rose?
As every Bachelor fan knows, gossiping about Nick and his lady loves is far more amusing than watching them interact on screen. By tuning into this this manic, hilarious podcast each week, you'll gain a whole new set of pals to gab about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette with. Hosted by two professional comedians and full-time Bachelor superfans, Will You Accept This Rose will give you a whole new appreciation for the show.

This weekly podcast recaps and provides commentary on Issa Rae’s new HBO series, Insecure. It is hosted by Crissle and Fran. If those names sound familiar, they should. Fran co-hosts TheFriendZone podcast and has built a successful natural living brand under the moniker Hey Fran Hey. Crissle is podcast royalty, co-hosting the hilarious podcast The Read with Kid Fury.
The Walking Dead Girl

There are quite a few podcasts that cover The Walking Dead, but this one stands out because it’s hosted by a woman of color, Jasmine, and her father Michael. How cute is that? The family duo talk about each episode of the series in addition to “news and other dead things.”
Sweetwater Saloon: A Westworld Podcast

Sci-fi fans Ashley and Brian rate and review the new HBO series that everyone is raving about, Westworld.
Shondaland: Revealed

Are there any limits to Shonda Rhimes’s creative genius? We still don’t know. But Betsy Beers helps us sort through some it on Shondaland: Revealed. The creators and cast of the TV writer’s infamous Thursday night lineup — including Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder — help provide behind the scenes looks, or should we say listens, on this ABC-hosted podcast.
Game of Owns

Like The Walking Dead, there are several Game of Thrones podcasts to choose from. But Game of Owns, is probably one of the most comprehensive. Not only do they cover both the series and the books, they have frequent visits from show’s producers, cast members, and writers.
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The K-Hole: A Kardashian Podcast

It’s hard to keep up with the Kardashians when they seem to be everywhere all the time. The K-Hole's hosts, @ashleybrandt and @brkmrn, make it a little easier with this podcast that recaps episodes of KUWTK in addition to Kardashian news.
The Run Down: Love & Hip Hop

Love & Hip Hop might be the exception to the “can’t get enough” rule. Usually after an episode of the show I’m wondering how much more it I can bear. But if you want to go deeper into Mona Scott-Young’s successful franchise, this is the podcast for you. The hosts Jon and Chelle discuss all three spin-offs of the show.
Bros Watch PLL Too

Benjamin Light and Marco Sparks have put a unique spin on Pretty Little Liars. As the title suggests, the two co-hosts offer a bro-breakdown of the young adult series that we love to hate and hate to love.
The Hawkins Report: A Stranger Things Podcast

Jessica and Dean offer crass commentary on Netflix's fan-favorite Stranger Things. Hope you’re not offended by strong language. But then again, if you’re a Stranger Things fan…
This American Horror Story Podcast

In this not-as-creepy-as-the -show podcast, self-proclaimed “faux critics” Tyler Moss and Kristofor Husted discuss episodes of American Horror Story. This witty podcast might help to offset the nightmares.
You’ve Got Time: An OITNB Podcast

Erin Qualey, a therapist, hosts this weekly podcast that covers season 4 of Orange is the New Black. With the help of mental health and criminal justice experts, she explores Litchfield and its inmates in this OITNB-meets-Criminal podcast.
Hey Arnold Hey!

I totally freaked when I realized this was a thing! If you watched Nickelodeon’s cartoon lineup in the '90’s, you should be well acquainted with cult-class Hey Arnold! The hosts Corey Vaughan and Adam Samaha are a photographer (who’s been been featured on R29!) and a cafe manager, respectively. I couldn’t think of a better, more eclectic combo of co-hosts to help me relive my childhood. Fun and mostly unrelated fact: I have an Abner tattoo.
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Rose Buddies

If you're like the entertainment team here at Refinery29, you have a lot of thoughts and even more feelings about everything that happens on The Bachelor. The roses, the dates, the drama, everything. Luckily for you, Rachel and Griffin McElroy are in the same boat. Each week they talk you through it all on their fancast.
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