Ashley Graham Shows Off Gorgeous Blonde Locks

Ashley Graham has been a brunette for a long time. Now, the groundbreaking plus-size model has added some dramatic flair to her shoulder-length tresses. She's gone blonde, or at least partially blonde!

The Sports Illustrated cover model's blonde highlights are coming at the end of summer for a great reason.

Graham is gearing up for the reboot of America's Next Top Model, where she'll serve as host. Since she'll be hosting a show about supermodels — and is a supermodel in her own right — it makes sense that she'd lighten her tresses for the TV cameras.

Apparently, this is a recent hair development for Graham, who sported her signature brunette tresses less than a week ago. According to her post, Graham credits the look to extensions by hair maestro Andrew Fitzsimons. Graham hasn't mentioned if its a permanent look or just a 'do she's sporting for the show, but no matter what, she's slaying this sexy, light hair color.

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