These Are October’s Most Popular Staycation Destinations (Which Are Still In Tier 2)

For travel lovers, 2020 has definitely been the year of the staycation. With international trips becoming increasingly difficult (and in some cases inadvisable), many of us have been making the most of the natural beauty and reinvigorating green spaces that the UK has to offer.

As social distancing restrictions tighten across the UK, popular destinations including Snowdonia in Wales and Northumberland in northern England are now essentially off limits. However, other tourist spots are still in Tier 2 and able to welcome visitors safely.


The folks at Click Consult have compiled a list of the UK's top staycation destinations for October by analysing which regions received the most Google searches between June and September of this year. This slideshow contains the four areas which are still, at present, in Tier 2.

But before planning a trip to any of these destinations, it's imperative to check if local social distancing restrictions have become even more stringent since this article was published. The BBC has a very helpful map showing which COVID tier each area of the UK is now in.

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Cornwall, southwest England

With more than 40,000 Google searches between June and September, Cornwall is officially the UK's most coveted staycation destination.
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Devon, southwest England

The neighbouring county of Devon is right behind with more than 27,000 Google searches in the same period. And they're both still in Tier 2.
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Norfolk, East Anglia

This English county racked up more than 22,000 Google searches between June and September. No surprise, really, as Norfolk offers beautiful beaches, the picturesque waterways of the Norfolk Broads, and the historic city of Norwich.
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Lake District, northwest England

The breathtaking natural beauty of the Lake District makes it a perennial staycation favourite with 18,100 Google searches between June and September. At present, it's still in Tier 2 – unlike neighbouring Northumberland, which is now in Tier 3.
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