18 Times Celebrities' Food Habits Totally Surprised Us

Celebrities are no strangers to the finer things in life (I mean, just check out the most recent Golden Globes gift bags). From private-plane rides to five-star dinners, fame can buy them any number of things out of reach to the rest of us. But that doesn't mean they leave behind the more base pleasures of the drive-through. Just as Fergie foretold in "Glamorous": "I still go to Taco Bell/Drive through, raw as hell."

Of course, unlike the rest of us, sometimes celebs take that fast food to places we can only dream of, like the Oscars or a private jet (looking at you, Kardashians).

Click through to see the fast-food restaurants our favorite celebs can't stop showing their love for.

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Photo: via @justintimberlake.
Proving he is indeed a man of the people, Justin Timberlake celebrated his three People's Choice Awards with the employees of Taco Bell back in 2014.
Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock.
Anna Kendrick has also made her adoration for Taco Bell public, sharing her love of the Doritos Locos taco with Twitter, leading her to become, as she put it, "Little Miss Taco Bell."

"All my Twitter followers tweet at me about Taco Bell," she told Anderson Cooper in 2012, after he offered her a Doritos Locos taco on his show. Another fan of the Doritos Locos taco turned out to be Bethenny Frankel, also a guest that day, who declared the dish "a pregnant person's dream."
Photo: via @lenadunham.
Like many a New Yorker, Lena Dunham is a fan of Shake Shack — and apparently doesn't want to have to choose between its hot dogs and cheeseburgers.
Photo: Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock.
Long before she was known for her misheard "Starbucks lovers" lyric, Taylor Swift was already a huge fan of the coffee chain. Back in 2010, she told WebMD that one of her daily indulgences is a skinny vanilla latte (and a pumpkin-spice latte on the weekends).

More recently, Swift penned an ode to all things fall, including "pumpkin-flavored stuff" on her Tumblr.
Photo: via @hilaryduff.
Hilary Duff really loves her Starbucks, too. Just don't make the mistake of not giving her one of the "cute" new fall cups, as she wrote on her Instagram.
Photo: via @kyliejenner.
Flying like a one-percenter and eating like the rest of us: Would you expect anything less outrageous from the Kardashian clan? Kylie shared not one, but two pictures of her family eating fried chicken while traveling seriously luxe.
Photo: via @mileycyrus.
Not even being a "food-conscious vegan" can keep Miley Cyrus from enjoying Popeyes — even if it's just with a drink.
Photo: via @chrissyteigen.
Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West made headlines when they stopped by Waffle House after a show. We only wish our last run to WaHo were this glam.

Just one question: Does Kanye order his hash browns smothered or covered, and does he smile when he eats them?
Photo: via @caradelevingne.
It's no secret that Cara Delevingne is food-obsessed. Remember her bacon tattoo? So it's no surprise that she took to Instagram to share her and fellow model Jourdan Dunn's love of the Golden Arches.
Photo: via @heidiklum.
Delevingne isn't the only supermodel who craves McDonald's. Heidi Klum shared her love for the chain on Twitter during the 2012 American Music Awards. Later, in 2013, she would join a long line of celebs to star in a racy Carl's Jr. ad.
Photo: via @emmaroberts.
In-N-Out Burger is a veritable SoCal institution — and a frequent celebrity hang. Emma Roberts indulged in a burger for a pre-Golden Globes snack in 2014.
Photo: via @beyonce.
Case in point: Even the world's most famous sometimes-vegan Beyoncé treats herself to In-N-Out on occasion, as her highly curated Instagram has revealed.
Photo: via @padmalakshmi.
Even a total foodie like Padma Lakshmi can't resist the burger chain's siren song. After last year's Emmys, she posted this pic with the caption, "Reunited and it feels so good."
Photo: via @badgalriri.
Rihanna loves sending shoutouts to her native Barbados — including its largest fast-food chain Chefette.
Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock.
Like Rihanna, Justin Bieber is partial to his homeland's fast food — in this case, Ontario-based coffee chain Tim Hortons. He's tweeted about it, and was recently snapped drinking a coffee from one of its NYC outposts during a performance.
Photo: via @franciaraisa.
How does a former Disney star celebrate finally turning 21? With a taco cake from Jack In the Box (that is, if she's Selena Gomez).
Photo: Jonathan Hordle/REX/Shutterstock.
Jennifer Lawrence once proudly proclaimed in Elle that she "eat[s] like a caveman," so it wasn't surprising when she confided to MTV that she had ordered McDonald's before the 2013 Oscars. "I’m seeing you talk, and all I’m thinking about is me pissed that I didn’t get fries,” she told the reporter.

She's also a sucker for Denny's.
Photo: via @kimkardashian.
Kim Kardashian has been known to go to great lengths for food — remember her trip to Paris for cheesecake? But not all her dessert indulgences are highbrow, as she proved with her snap of fro-yo at Pinkberry, which she declared "heaven."
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