My One-Bedroom Apartment Costs $3,375—& Here's What It Looks Like

In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial city dwellers. Today, 28-year-old Nicole Hansalik shows us around her $3,375/month one-bedroom apartment in Fort Greene, which she shares with her boyfriend.

Everyone has that one thing they'll shell out a little extra for, especially in real estate — it might be location, a gym in the building, a doorman, or the ultimate city-living luxury: a washer-dryer in unit.

For R29er Nicole Hansalik and her boyfriend, it just so happens to be the latter. "We both had the washer-dryer in unit before in our own apartments, and once you've had that, it's hard to let it go," she says. "It really does make life so much more relaxed when you can just do laundry whenever — although I do forget my laundry in the washer sometimes for days, and then I have to fix it because it smells."

Her 650-square-foot apartment also has all the other fixings — building amenities like an outdoor patio and grill, a movie theater, and a gym — upping her rent to $3,375 a month. Click ahead to see what that rent will get you in Brooklyn.

Watch Nicole show off her apartment here, then click ahead to shop some of her home buys.
How did the two of you talk about splitting the rent?

"We've been in this apartment for two years, and the first year we split the rent evenly. Then the second year we talked about it, and I was struggling a little bit financially, but he got two raises in that time period and was promoted to a manager position. We had heard about other people who split rent according to salary, so it made sense for us to change it since we wanted to stay in this apartment for a bit longer."

Who thought of the idea first?

"I think initially, I brought it up, and he was apprehensive towards it at first, and I wasn't really trying to convince him. I am actually still uncomfortable with the change because I think it's still unfair. I don't know if it's the right thing to do. But I also believe as we are together longer, we should think about financial decisions as one unit."
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Would you consider your rent to be too high?

"I think that for New York City it is a fair price, and I'm pretty happy with what I have for it. I've met other people that pay the same amount, and their apartments are way crappier. So I'm happy with it, although that doesn’t mean it's necessarily affordable to me, if that makes sense."

How did you find the apartment?

"I believe we found it online on StreetEasy. We found it ourselves, no broker. It was a new high-rise, luxury building in downtown Brooklyn, and we moved in two years ago, and they were really pushing to get us in. So they gave us first month's rent free and some other cool offers."

What was your priority for finding an apartment?

"Subway accessibility was our biggest thing because we're both very spoiled. He lived right by Union Square, and I lived between West 4th and Bleeker. So we wanted all subway line access."
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What was it like when you first moved to New York?

"When I moved here at first, I signed up for graduate housing, and it was basically a shared studio. I lived there for a couple months, and I left early because I couldn't handle sharing a bedroom anymore. It was just too frustrating. But yeah, I think the cost of apartments was shocking, and what was more shocking was the speed at which you have to find a place. Like how fast apartments go at the end of the month. That felt stressful."

Tell me about your last apartment.

"My last apartment was $1750 a month in New York also had in-unit laundry and that was with seven roommates. It was huge; it was two floors. I found it on Craigslist, and I didn't know any of the people when I moved in.

"It was really cool at first, and then, you know, I started dating someone, and it gets harder when you're in a relationship to be in an apartment with seven other people and two bathrooms. We wanted more privacy."
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Where do you shop for home decor?

"For big purchases, Ikea for sure, but for cutesy stuff I like Urban Outfitters a lot. Their home online store has a lot of cute stuff. And West Elm."

Do you have any decorating rules?

"Yeah, my boyfriend would probably call me pretty picky, but I try to stay away from anything too crazy and loud. I like my neutral color palette and green. I just try to keep it really light colored, because I think it's easier to work off of, and it'll be more adaptable later if you do want to change your style. I guess I'm afraid to commit to something."
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