My 1-Bedroom Apartment Costs £2,449—& Here's What It Looks Like

Everyone has that one thing they'll shell out a little extra for, especially in real estate — it might be location, a gym in the building, a doorman, or the ultimate city-living luxury: a washer-dryer in unit.
For R29er Nicole Hansalik and her boyfriend, it just so happens to be the latter. "We both had the washer-dryer in unit before in our own apartments, and once you've had that, it's hard to let it go," she says. "It really does make life so much more relaxed when you can just do laundry whenever — although I do forget my laundry in the washer sometimes for days, and then I have to fix it because it smells."
Her 650-square-foot apartment also has all the other fixings — building amenities like an outdoor patio and grill, a cinema, and a gym — upping her rent to $3,375 (£2,449) a month. Click ahead to see what that rent will get you in Brooklyn.