Nic Cage's New Film Will Make You Grateful For Your Parents

Nicolas Cage has accomplished a lot over his big screen career. His characters have embarked on a quest for national treasure, raised a kid named Arizona, made a bunch of bees very angry, and been in more high-speed chases than we can probably count. Now, thanks to Cage's upcoming role in Mom and Dad, the actor can add "tried to kill his onscreen kids" to his list.

The dark comedy, Yahoo! Movies reports, depicts a turbulent time in which parents around the globe, including Brent (Cage) and his wife Kendall (Selma Blair) completely snap and make it their life's mission to murder their children. The trailer, featured below, is bananas — like, truly B-A-N-A-N-A-S — as a bloodied Cage runs around his otherwise quiet suburban house and threatens his two kids with a sledgehammer and an ice pick. This role may be Cage at his most unhinged, and this is the man who once ate a real, live cockroach in Vampire's Kiss.

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Blair, too, embraces a darker side of herself as she joins her husband in the chaos. Blair, who once portrayed a very straight-laced law student in Legally Blonde, now finds herself as the lunatic terrorizing others with a sharp kitchen knife.

Basically, this film, which is written and directed by Brian Taylor, is like The Purge for overworked parents who are fed up with driving their kids to soccer practices, attending PTA meetings, and making paper-bag lunches.

Suddenly, those awkward discussions about your current job search and relationship status with your folks over the break don't seem so terrible. Like, at least they didn't try to roast you alongside the Christmas ham?

Mom and Dad set to simultaneously debut in theaters and become available on video on demand on Jan. 19, Yahoo Movies reports. Why not stay on your parents' good sides and treat them to a night at the theater?

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