11 Stories That Will Make You Believe In Love Again

We're used to seeing love stories in movies, in which two people typically meet, fall in love, experience some extenuating circumstances that make them fall apart, and then come to a resolution that helps them live happily ever after.

Real life may be a lot more complicated than that, but people do fall (and stay) in love every day (just without the sweeping music in the background).

Ahead, we've rounded up a few moments from 2017 that made us believe in love again. If you could use a little more faith in people and the world at large, take a look at some of our favorite stories.

How often do you get a second chance and actually make it work?

Dominic and Nick first met as teenagers, went in different directions, and then reconnected one summer night, during which they talked for four hours and shut down a restaurant. And after seven more years of long-distance love, the two finally got engaged, and are living together in Brooklyn.

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You'd be forgiven for thinking that Jessica Sharman and Richard Bishop's story came right out of a movie.

After dating for a mere seven months, Sharman suffered an epileptic seizure that left her without her memories — she woke up not remembering even her own name, let alone the man she was dating at the time.

Nevertheless, Bishop stuck around despite the fact that she might never recover her memories, and looked after her.

Sound familiar?

"I don't remember the first time I fell in love with Rich but I do remember the second," Sharman said.
Pinterest isn't exactly the most romantic app, but one husband has a pretty romantic way of using it — to have a secret account that he uses to see what's on his wife's wishlist, and buy it for her.

"She’s picky and she likes things that tend to be small [items] or handmade...so I like to get things right the first time," Jordan told BuzzFeed.

Modern romance at its best, really.
When a random Twitter account stole this couple's photo and even erased their identity by trying to pass it off as a picture of a straight couple, they fought back — and reiterated their love for each other in the process.

Though they didn't get a chance to DM that Twitter account directly, one of the women, Alexa Willis, said, "I would ask why they had to change the gender and why people can't just accept the gay community these days as is. They knew we were a gay couple and changed it to be heteronormative. Very frustrating."

"I just hope that one day society standards won't be set on the fact that a boy and girl relationship is the only one," she added. "Love is love, and it should be shared between any gender."
Getting in the groove of a new relationship already requires some transitions, but receiving a cancer diagnosis six months into a relationship is a whole other story.

However, when one woman (who was not named in the story) was diagnosed with breast cancer at the start of a relationship with a man named Danny, she quickly found out what kind of person he was — the kind of person who would stay by her side through chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.

"He was there during my double mastectomy surgery, multiple rounds of chemo, and doctors appointments," she wrote. "While everyone else was walking on eggshells around me, he continued to treat me exactly the same — always making me laugh with his sarcastic comments and jokes just as he had before I got sick."

Now that she's survived, the two mark the anniversary of her diagnosis each year by walking around New York City together.
You might think that if you've seen one surprise proposal at a sports game, you've seen them all, but we promise that this one really is worth it.
The total solar eclipse was one of the most note-worthy events of 2017, and for good reason. After all, it was the first to occur since 1979, which is why one couple decided they needed to be together to see it.

But the Hahses aren't just casual observers — they'd been traveling to see eclipses together for years. Before this year's eclipse, they had traveled to see 14 eclipses together, and actually experienced 11 total.

"I'm not a mystic at all," Billy Hahs said in a video from the BBC. "But it does have a kind of gripping effect." They call themselves "eclipse-afficiandos," Sharon Hahs added.

Relationship goals, indeed.
Gender equality has been legal nationwide in the U.S. since 2015, but couples in Germany had not won that right until earlier this year. And in October, Karl Kreile, 59, and Bodo Mende, 60, became the first couple to benefit from the new law.
Rebounding from a bad first date can sometimes feel impossible. But take it from this couple: It can seriously be worth it.

Shaween and Aree' mothers met each other in school when the two women were both 14, but this couple didn't actually meet until nearly 40 years later, at a party in London.

"I was instantly attracted to Aree," Shaween wrote. "After chatting with him, I went up to my mum and said, 'I just met my future husband.'"

However, their first date didn't exactly reflect that initial spark — nor did the dates that followed. After deciding to call it quits and remain friends for six months, the two gave it another go, and it stuck.

"Our first date the second time around was the best day," she wrote.
It can be difficult to begin dating again after surviving an abusive relationship — especially if you're a single mom — and while it certainly wasn't easy for Jen Moriwaki, she eventually found her Guy.

"My ex left me feeling broken and worthless," she wrote. "After multiple failed attempts at online dating, I decided to take a break from dating altogether."

After two years of focusing on herself, she got back on the online dating train, and met Guy.

Despite initially thinking that "most of his photos were kind of a train wreck," she said, "There was one of him hugging his son that made me want to reach out."

Three years later, they're married, and have a blended, loving family.
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