The Top Trending Toys Of 2017 Are Adorably Strange

Every year, I look forward to Google's list of the most popular toy searches. While Google releases plenty of categorized trending search lists around the holidays, this one differs in a very distinct way: It introduces most people over the age of 15 to products they've never even heard of.

This year's list doesn't disappoint. While gaming devices like Xbox and Nintendo are, unsurprisingly, still among the most popular, there are also adorably strange toys like Fingerlings, mini robotic pets that respond to your touch, and L.O.L Surprise, Bratz-like babies that come packed with extras.

Ahead, a countdown of the top trending toys of 2017. Warning: This list will probably make you wish you were a kid again.

10. Slime

Nickelodeon might have kept Slime relevant over the years, but the resurgence of the trend on Instagram and YouTube in 2017 helped fuel its rise to the top.

WeCool Compound Kings 3 Pounds Squishy Like Slime Compound, $22.95, available at Amazon.
9. Microsoft Xbox One S

Microsoft's gaming system isn't just for kicking soccer balls and defeating the bad guys — it can also stream Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon in 4K Ultra HD.

Microsoft Xbox One S 500 GB, $189, available at Microsoft.
8. Fingerlings

A disclaimer before you get attached to this adorable fellow: Fingerlings are sold out almost everywhere. It seems that everyone has been won over by the cuteness of the little robotic pets, which cling to your finger and respond when you pet them, blow them kisses, and rock them to sleep, among other actions.

WowWee Fingerlings Kingsley The Interactive Baby Sloth, $14.84, out of stock at
7. Nintendo Switch

This Nintendo gaming system has two pluses: It's portable, and lets two people play at once. Lest you question Nintendo's continuing popularity, know that Chrissy Teigen was just gifted one for her birthday.

Nintendo Switch, $299.99, back in stock on December 11 at Amazon.
6. Sony PS4 Pro

It's all about the graphics on Sony's latest Playstation, which, like the Xbox One S, also offers 4K gaming and streaming.

Sony PS4 Pro, $399.99, available at Best Buy.
5. DJI Spark Drone

For those who wants to capture the view from above, DJI's mini drone, which flies at speeds of up to 31 miles per hour, is the popular option.

DJI Spark Drone, $399, available at DJI.
4. Call of Duty PS4

The latest Call of Duty game takes players to the beaches of Normandy and throughout much of Europe.

Sledgehammer Games Call of Duty WWII, $49.94, available at Walmart.
3. Nintendo 2DS

The 2D version of the Nintendo gaming system is a more affordable version of Nintendo 3DS. It's an attractive gaming option, which also lets users browse online and stream shows from Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

Nintendo 2DS Super Mario Bros. 2 Bundle, starting at $79.99, available at Target.
2. LOL Surprise

In the alternate universe of L.O.L Surprise toys, babies run everything and look a bit like younger versions of Bratz dolls. The collectable dolls, which come in balls that are packed with "surprises" such as stickers, accessories, and "secret messages", are all the rage among the pre-teen set.

L.O.L. Surprise! Glitter Series Ball, $22.98, available at Amazon.
1. Kidibuzz

Kidibuzz starts em' young, with a parent-approved version of a smartphone that's loaded with a kid-safe browser, apps, and games. Luckily, the price tag on the most searched for toy of 2017 is far more affordable than the iPhone X.

VTech Kidibuzz, $99.99, available at Target.
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