This Top Design Influencer Knows How To Do Boho — Without Looking Cheesy

"Boho chic" can be an intimidating phrase for those who haven't dabbled in it — and we don't blame them. The decorating style can easily veer straight into tacky territory when not done right: Think over-the-top psychedelic prints, peace signs, and worse, the ill-advised use of dreamcatchers.

But, there's one type of boho we can certainly get behind: Interior designer and blogger Justina Blakeney's aesthetic is romantic, eclectic, and never fails to make you feel bright and hopeful. The unique way she mashes up patterns, indie artwork, and plants can instantly transform a plain living space into an inviting sanctuary. And, if you don't trust us on this, Blakeney's legions of fans — over 250,000 and counting on Instagram, including our fave actress-turned-lifestyle guru, Drew Barrymore — can't be wrong.

To celebrate her recently-launched book, The New Bohemians Handbook, we've invited Blakeney to share her top decorating secrets — illustrated with stunning shots excerpted from her book — so you can channel her amazing Instagram feed in your over own home.

Photo: Courtesy of Dabito.
Balance Brights With Whites

Bohemian-style furniture and decor accents tend to feature loud colors and patterns. To avoid a visual overload, Blakeney suggests leaving abundant white space to create a sense of separation — so that your quirky pieces can be given breathing room to shine. It may even be worth it to invest in larger items with plain, solid colors to balance things out, as seen in the white couch in the photo.
Photo: Courtesy of Dabito.
Add Clean Lines

Earthy items have an innately warm and welcoming quality to them, but your room can look a little too rustic when you throw all of them together. In this bathroom, Blakeney mixed the live edge wood vanity with a mid-century modern mirror, so the sleek silhouette can offset the rustic vibe.
Photo: Courtesy of Dabito.
Curate A (Real) Plant Collection

We've sung many praises about the transformative powers of house plants, and Blakeney totally agrees — as a "mother" to a whopping collection of 52 plants herself. "Make sure to only use real, live plants: The fake ones can quickly catapult you into cheese territory," she says. Check out our plant photography guide for tips on capturing the beauty of your greenery.
Photo: Courtesy of Dabito.
A Paint Job Works Wonders

"A lime wash paint job keeps things looking earthy, warm, and lived-in," says Blakeney. The unevenness adds character to the walls, especially if you're using a sunny hue. This kitchen is painted in Portola Paints' lime wash in El Coyote.
Photo: Courtesy of Dabito.
Don't Hold Back On Patterns

"Patterns are the spice for the home: Mix them up like your life depends on it," says Blakeney. This photo is prof that five different patterns can coexist in harmony — even when paired with a bold oil painting. The navy shibori fabric in navy acts as a great equalizer for the other louder prints.
Photo: Courtesy of Dabito.
Look For Objects With Faces

Incorporating pieces with personality completely transform the space, as seen in the sunburst mirror, coral object, and coffee table with rope detailing in this cozy den. Blakeney is partial to objects with faces on them due to their eye-catching quality, like the wooden stool below the cactcus plant.
Photo: Courtesy of Dabito.
The High-Low Blend Is Key

"Vintage pieces help add a little soul to a place and help to cut down the catalog factor," says Blakeney. Cushions and throws are great pieces to go the handmade, crafted route and will make your store-bought furniture look tens times more interesting.
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