You HAVE To See Beyonce's Five-Outfit Tribute To Lil' Kim

I'd like to present you, dear readers and fellow Beyoncé stans, with a luxurious fantasy. Picture it: Bey lets her hair down — well, actually, puts it up — to adopt some peak 90's, Lil' Kim wigs and neon extra-ness. The Queen Bey dressing up as Queen Bee, if you will. A true dream, amiright?

Except you don't have to imagine that, because that is a reality that just happened. Nope, this is indeed not a drill. We already knew that Beyoncé dressed up as Lil' Kim for Halloween, of course, alongside her husband, Jay-Z, who was the Notorious B.I.G, and we got a few small sneak peeks at her look earlier this week.

But what not a single one of us was expecting was for Beyonce to casually come through on a Friday afternoon — three full days after Halloween has ended, might I add — to channel some of Lil' Kim's most iconic looks with five full-on outfits. (I really don't even want to call them costumes, because these looks are too spot on and too fly to relegate them to such a status.) I don't even know why I'm shocked, as Mrs. Carter is by now also the Queen of Surprises, but I gasped harder and let my jaw fall further with every single photo that she unveiled on her website Friday afternoon. I was in awe of not just the looks, but the fact that the biggest pop star of all time (yes, that is a statement, not an opinion) gave Lil' Kim, the biggest female hip hop star of all time some long overdue credit. And not just for her fashion risks, but for the many ways Kim inherently owned her own sexuality through both her body language and clothing, long before it was considered acceptable in mainstream pop-culture — for Black women, especially.

So let's dive into these here works of art. First, there is a photo of the costume that we'd already gotten a quick look at: Beyoncé in dark hair, Chanel suspenders, and oversized shades giving us "The Rain" realness from the 1997 music video with Missy Elliott.

Next, Yoncé rolled out this unforgettable blue Chanel-printed wig and navel-grazing crucifix chain from Kim's 2001 photoshoot with Manhattan File magazine:

And then, here is that Bey in a sexy blue nightie-and-fur look from Lil' Kim's Today's Blackwoman Magazine in 2000:

And, drumroll please...This is the moment we saw the Lemonade goddess go all the way there in a silver wig, neon green two-piece, and accompanying fur — a look we saw yet another music queen, Rihanna, give a little nod to at the 2015 iHeart Radio Music Awards:

Oh, and that's not even all. There are many more ridiculously stunning odes to the rapper, including Bey in a barely-there, nude see-through number like Kim's 1991 Source Hip-Hop Music Awards red carpet situation, and other outtakes from her other looks. You can see the full photoshoot at

But before we depart, can we all please stop to have a moment of silence for Bey's excellent attention to detail: Homegirl is so thorough, she changed "Getty Images" in her version of the original photos to "Petty images." I. Can. Not. My wig, my brain, my soul — consider it all snatched. My new goal in life is to up my wig and neon clothing collections so that I, too can channel Lil' Kim at the drop of a dime, Halloween or not.

All hail the Queens.

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