Enter The Upside Down With These Stranger Things Easter Eggs

Under regular circumstances, the weekend before Halloween would be devoted to last minute costume preparations, candy consumption, and parties. But this is not just any pre-Halloween weekend: It's the long-awaited time when fans of Stranger Things can finally return to Hawkins, Indiana, for season two of the Netflix superhit.

If you need to break up your binge watch session, or, if you go through all the episodes too quickly and crave more time in the Upside Down — you're in luck. Plenty of apps and tech companies have partnered with Netflix to offer spooky secret activations. But, as with life in Hawkins, not everything is as it seems, and some of the experiences are tricky to find.

Ahead, everything you need to know to access the Stranger Things Easter eggs in Snapchat, Google Home, Spotify, and more.


Snapchat has arguably the most creative Stranger Things activation. While you'll automatically see an Eleven face Lens in the Lens carousel, there's also a hidden Lens.

To access it, scan the Snapcode found here, or trigger it by using Shazam in the app while playing Stranger Things' opening credits. The resulting AR experience lets you explore an Upside Down take on a room any fan of the show will recognize. Walk around and tap on objects, it'll reveal more surprises. Unfortunately, only users with iPhone 6s and above will be able to use the Easter egg lens.
Google Home

Google Home is offering it's own Upside Down experience with an interactive game. All you need to do is say "Hey Google, talk to Dustin from Stranger Things." You'll hear the character on the other line, and you can start playing the game from there. For the game, Home is meant to serve as your version of the walkie talkies used in the show.

Netflix did a little season two teasing of its own, with realistic billboards for the show's electric-company-that-isn't-really-an-electric-company, Hawkins Power and Light, in New York and L.A. Call the number listed, 1-888-355-8703, to hear from characters and get plot clues.

Spotify's Stranger Things activation is smaller, but fun nonetheless. To access it, go to the Spotify web player and start playing the Stranger Things soundtrack. A few seconds in, you'll be transported to the Upside Down. (The Verge reports the experience will only work on Chrome.)
Google Maps

Unfortunately, you won't find this Stranger Things experience hidden in Google Maps. However, you can head to Google Maps' Twitter account to see how the app would look like in the Upside Down. Also: Maps has the filming locations for different scenes in the series.
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