Gerard Butler Has No Chill When It Comes To Shaving His Beard

If you remember the heyday of America's Next Top Model, you will probably attest that best part of the entire season was the makeover episode. Why? The breakdowns were iconic and made for the most memorable TV moments any time a model was ordered to chop off her hair. And Butler's Instagram video is proof he had a full-blown Cycle 7 moment in preparation for his upcoming film Hunter Killer.

"Here I am about to… shave my beard off after a year of having it on," Butler told the camera, emotionally prepping for the trim. "We’re going to shave my beard for additional photography on Hunter Killer. I’ve had this since last December and it’s been way longer than this."

To be fair, we can totally sympathize with Butler's haircut anxiety. Getting a chop after a year of waiting for your bob to officially hit lob status can be a painstaking process — while chopping off the dead ends that roll you back to square one can be even worse. And for Butler, parting with his 1-year-old beard was visibly traumatizing for the actor.

“I’m totally depressed,” Butler said, wincing as the electric razor inched near his jawline. Instructed by his groomer (whom we can only assume was sitting nearby), Butler eventually dragged the trimmer down, then across, his chin, and you could see the remnants of his facial hair fall to the floor. He, being in distress and all, jokingly shrieked the whole time.

The 47-year-old revealed the finished look on his account in a series of photos, and we've gotta say: His cleanly-shaven face reminds us of his P.S. I Love You days. And that's pretty hard to hate.

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