Shaq Quietly Got Engaged & You Have To See Their Couple Photos

Shaquille O'Neal may be sowing the seeds for a new Basketball Wives spin-off. While his ex-wife is still running her reality-TV franchise on VH1, the former baller has apparently proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Laticia Rolle. That is, if that giant rock on her finger in a recent Instagram photo means anything.

"About a week ago," Rolle wrote yesterday,captioning a photo of herself sitting next to O'Neal on a sofa, her hand placed on his leg at exactly the right angle to show off that ring. It's also pretty amusing how the angle of this photo foreshortens the 7'1" Shaq, so he and his maybe-fiancée (who is reportedly 5'6") look the same size.

This isn't the first time Instagram has set off engagement rumors for these two. Rolle, who runs the lifestyle blog BluHazl with her sister D'Ana, posted a photo of herself on the site's Instagram in March 2016, and Shaq was the first to comment on the photo, asking, "Will u marry me."

For Rolle's sake, we're glad that wasn't his official proposal.

Shaq was married to Shaunie O'Neal, the mother of his four children, were married from 2002-2009. On her show, Shaunie has discussed her ex-husband's infidelity, which she said she discovered when their Blackberries got switched.

"I went to my baby's play at school and I was like,'Damn, my phone is going off a lot.' Just girl, after girl, after girl — like, 'Baby, last night what you did,'" she said on Basketball Wives in August. "And I went in the arena and I went in that garage, not only did I flatten tires, bust a few windows, I wrote on the hood [of his car], 'I cheat on my wife. I ain't s**t,' with a knife."

Things are better between the two exes, who worked together on a book about co-parenting, according to VH1.

Shaq and his new love are keeping their relationship a lot more low-key than that at the moment, except for those blissfully happy Instagrams.

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