Karlie Kloss Makes A Strong Case For This Celebrity-Favorite Hat Style

We can't be the only ones who feel like every time they log on to Instagram this week, they spot yet another blogger in a beret. But somewhere among all the Paris Fashion Week street style slideshows, we caught a glimpse Karlie Kloss making a very convincing case for a non-beret-style hat that a handful of celebrities have been loving since this time last year.

The name of this hat style, which Kloss wore to the Dior show with a white crop top, black jacket, and princess-like tulle skirt, is up for debate: We've seen it called a paperboy cap, lieutenant cap, fisherman hat, baker boy hat, news boy cap, captain's cap — the list goes on. But the one thing that's not up for debate is that this silhouette is threatening to blow all those other styles out of the water. In addition to Kloss, the trend's been seen on the likes of Bella Hadid and Ariel Charnas, two women who have massive social followings — so it's sure to catch on like crazy this season.

Kloss' particular cap is by celeb-favorite hat brand Janessa Leone and comes in at an admittedly steep $209 — it's a bit of an investment for a little cap, but clearly popular as it's currently out of stock. Luckily, you can scoop up similar options without breaking a sweat (or your monthly budget). Click on to shop the caps for yourself, grab a baguette, and pretend you're in Paris — that's our weekend plan, at least. And if you weren't quite convinced on this hat style yet, Karlie's chic yet unexpected Parisian look is sure to shift your thinking.

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