Instagram-Worthy Ice Cream Tacos Just Landed In Southern California

Photographed by Raven Ishak.

For some completely unexplainable reason, plenty of people on this planet seem to think that ice cream and tacos go well together, and though at first mention, it seems like an utterly nonsensical combo, it has been proven delicious many a time. Of course, we're not talking about literally loading a banana split with barbacoa and salsa verde. Instead, we're thinking more along the lines of an ice cream sundae served in taco form. Klondike's Choco Taco has been in freezer sections for years, and more recently, Ben & Jerry's created the Chill-Aco, a Scoop Shops-exclusive 4/20 treat. Now, a new taco-inspired ice cream sundae is available in Southern California, and it might be the most Instagram-worthy one yet.

Sweet Cup, an ice cream shop in Orange County, recently created a new kind of ice cream taco that you can only get in the shop on Tuesday, a.k.a. taco Tuesday. According to Thrillist, Sweet Cup's owner Kenny Tran came up with the ice cream taco as a different way to serve a trendy type of ice cream, rolled ice cream.

Rolled ice cream, is made by pouring liquid ice cream onto a frozen metal surface. As it freezes, toppings are mixed in, and finally the ice cream is scrapped up into rolls, thus the name. What Kenny Tran does is cleverly put those rolls inside taco shell-shaped waffle cones every Tuesday.

Instagram images show that these taco shells come in a variety of beautiful colors like turquoise, purple, pink, and black. You can go all out and order matcha rolled ice cream in an ube cone shell or try out the Rainbow Road, one of the Sweet Cup on-trend treats. Thrillist reports that it's made up with Fruity Pebbles ice cream in a pink shell, and it's topped with rainbow sprinkles and multicolor sour straws. Though we've seen ice cream tacos a few times before, we've never seen them quite like this.

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