Justin Bieber Uses Angels To Reveal The Premise Of His New Music Video

Photo: Kevin Mazur/One Love Manchester/Getty Images.

Remember on Monday, when pop star Justin Bieber tweeted six names of Victoria's Secret models with absolutely zero context? And his fans started freaking out because they thought he was girlfriend shopping or announcing a performance at the company's annual fashion show?

Well we finally have our answer. The 23-year-old was teasing the premise of his upcoming single and accompanying music video, which are set for release this Friday, June 9. The track, "2U," features the vocals of Justin Bieber, the electronic stylings of David Guetta and, apparently, the dance moves and lip-syncing skills of six Angels: Elsa, Jasmine, Sara, Romee, Stella, and Martha.

So far, four of the six , Angels featured in the video have shared clips on their Instagram accounts promoting the music video. (Martha and Stella, where you at?) Based on these four bits, which we have listed below, it appears that the song jumps from woman to woman as they mouth Bieber's lyrics. It also looks to be partially in color and partially in black-and-white. Artsy.

Here's Elsa Hosk asking her followers to guess the lyrics she is mouthing.

Here's Sara Sampaio's part. Hers includes a brief Bieber verse, which means either she uploaded the wrong video (oops), or she was given access to one with sound (VIP).

Here's Jasmine Stookes' bit, sans sound.

Romee Strijd was given the best clip to share, which features ~the drop~.

And finally, here's a sweet image of Bieber, casually playing guitar while staring out a window.

The only bad news is that it looks like Bieber won't be in the video himself — I was really gunning for some cowboy cameo. Keep an eye out for the full music video, out this Friday.

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