Chloë Grace Moretz's Beauty Evolution Is Proof She'll Try Anything Once

With more than a decade of acting experience under her (probably designer, most definitely stylish) belt, Chloë Grace Moretz has the kind of résumé that could make a 20-year-old Meryl Streep seem like a slacker. Despite this, when we sat down with the star at a recent Coach fragrance event this week, she was anything but jaded. In fact, there was this young, refreshing air about the actress — or maybe that was her turquoise eyeshadow.

"I love playing around with my makeup," Moretz told Refinery29 exclusively. "I always try to mix it up, because if you don't, I think you're missing a huge opportunity for fun."

The sentiment is one of the many beauty lessons she's picked up in her 13 years in show biz, which boils down to this: Bold moves pay off. That's why Moretz takes every opportunity to dance "the sprinkler" with Ryan Reynolds (she'll explain ahead), try every hair color in the book, and yes, pick up the blue eyeliner pencil. Check out a few of her best moments.

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"This was my very first movie premiere! I counted down the days until this very night, and my mom custom-made this dress for me and curled my hair. I didn't wear any makeup or anything like that, but she did let me put on a little bit of her lipstick. So, I was obsessed with Gwen Stefani — 'Hollaback Girl' was my shit; it was the only song I listened to — and we listened to that song in our white stretch limo the whole way. I was very set on having a stretch limo because I saw it in a Mary Kate and Ashley movie, and I loved them growing up.

"We stepped on the red carpet and I thought it would be a good idea to blow kisses, so that is all that I did. I blew a lot of kisses that night. And I remember dancing with Ryan Reynolds at my very first after party ever. He taught me how to do the sprinkler."
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"Oh my god! [Laughs.] That side swoop and barrel curl though! This is amazing. My mom always did my hair and I only wore Betsy Johnson dresses. I was obsessed with them, and I remember specifically saying, 'I want to look like a cupcake.' If I could look like a cupcake all day every day, I'd be down."
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"So I have very ashy hair, and that is my natural hair color when it's the winter and I'm not in the sun. This was at the 500 Days Of Summer premiere, and those are my grandmother's pearls around my neck. It was my first [time at] Sundance and my whole family went out with me. I got to sit there with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel and watch my movie premiere at Sundance for the very first time. It was very cool."
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"This was Justin Bieber's movie premiere and I was wearing one of my first-ever loan dresses. It was Burberry, and I was obsessed with its blue belt. I had just cut my hair off for Martin Scorsese's Hugo, which was really big for me because I was only 12 or 13 years old. No other girl [I knew] had cut their hair this short and I was super scared to do it. I cried! I had never cut my hair before in my life, it was always long, so it felt like a big deal.

"But after that, I had this newfound sense of confidence that my hair did not explain who I was. I explained who I was and I could cut my hair or dye it or do anything I wanted with it. For me, I think it was the start of feeling free and realizing I'm more than just what I look like."
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"I had to get extensions here for a film called Hick, and this is my first time doing a look with extensions. I was really coming into my own with fashion and I started to push different looks and this is also when I met my favorite hairstylist ever, Gregory Russell. I still work with him now, but we met when he was fresh out the shampoo bowl and I was really young and we started doing a lot of carpet looks, and now he's really famous. It's cool to see."
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"This was at the Jingle Ball for Aéropostale; it was my first ever branding campaign. At this point, I had been dyeing my hair pretty regularly, and I decided to keep my makeup looking as natural as possible. Every day, I try to stick to a natural look because I wear so much makeup for work."
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"I had just won my first Elle Style Award in London here. I was really starting to push the boundaries with my fashion and my hair. This color was just fun and I was just kind of not afraid to try something new. I've experimented with almost every hair color you could think to do. I've also done pinks and blues, but those are usually harder for me to keep because of filmmaking."
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"Was this at the Claridges [hotel] in London? It was! The fact that I remember this exact moment is insane. It was for the Kick-Ass 2 photocall, and this is a really fun look. I wore this amazing suit and I had dark hair for another movie. It's funny, in this time period, I was in my very first real relationship, so I felt very confident. I cut my hair off in this interesting way and I had brown hair and I just felt like I was coming into my own. It's an interesting time for any young woman, when they enter a real relationship.

"But I've never really thought about 'oh, what does my boyfriend want me to do?' I've never been that way. I've always thought, 'I hope you like it, of course, but if you don't — I don't really care what you think.'"
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"This is my first Met Ball experience and it was wonderful, truly. I had reddish hair at the time and I was doing my first play at the Public here in New York City. Wonderful time."
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"Oh my god, this look was so fun! It was the first time I looked at my makeup artist Mai Quynh — who is the shit — and I was like, 'I want to do something we've never done before.' I was like F it, I'm going to do whatever I want. I didn't care about being fresh-faced. I told Mai, 'Whatever you think, let's go there. Let's push the limits.' And now I'm not afraid of blue eyeliner [laughs]."
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