How Much Is The Arrangement Following TomKat's Relationship?

The moment E!’s The Arrangement was announced, people couldn’t spit out, “Is this about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?!” fast enough. Since the drama premiered in February, the questions haven't disappeared. Despite creator Jonathan Abraham's vocal denials about the speculation, Twitter still isn't so convinced.

The series follows a lesser-known actress named Megan (Christine Evangelista), who receives a marriage contract from newly single international movie star Kyle (Josh Henderson). The whirlwind celebrity romance definitely gives off Tom and Katie vibes, although Kyle has yet to jump on any couches. Instead, it's clear the actor is hiding some shady secrets from his would-be legally-mandated bride, who also has some skeletons in her own closet.

Now that the series has been on for a few weeks, we can finally figure out if there are any real similarities between Arrangement’s Kyle and Megan and their rumored real-life counterparts, TomKat. The evidence continues to be pretty surprising. Check out the gallery to find out where fiction and reality meet.

Photo: Daniel Power/E! Entertainment.
The Short Courtships

Tom and Katie announced their their engagement in June 2005, just two months after they first went public. The Arrangement’s Kyle offers Megan a marriage contract almost immediately after they hook up.
Photo: Daniel Power/E! Entertainment.
The First Public Outing

Suri’s parents made their relationship official with a trip to Rome, Italy to accept a David di Donatello Award. “Kygen” on The Arrangement make their big debut at an film festival in Venice, Italy, which is absolutely nothing like Rome.
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Their Meet-Cute

TomKat met in April 2005. Although the exact reason the pair crossed paths is still unknown, it’s believed Katie was interested in a part in Mission Impossible III.

On Arrangement, Kyle falls for his future contract bride when she reads for a part in his next movie.
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The Breakups

Katie officially broke up with longtime boyfriend Chris Klein in March 2005 and was dating Tom mere weeks later. Megan’s relationship with boyfriend Nic (Matthew Kevin Anderson) melts down and within days, she’s hooking up with Kyle.
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Their Celebrity Status

Tom was an international superstar when he began dating Katie, while she was still best known as "that lovable girl from Dawson’s Creek."

On the Arrangement, Kyle is the kind of superstar who can afford $10 million marriage contracts. Megan is simply a “recognizable” up-and-comer.
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Their Backgrounds

Katie was born and raised in Toledo, OH, while her ex-husband was born in Syracuse, NY. Tom then bounced around North America throughout childhood.

Both halves of Kygen were born Hollywood outsiders.
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The Marriage Contract Itself

TomKat’s marriage contract is a rampant rumor, which no one involved has ever verified. On The Arrangement, we all know it's real.
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The Mysterious Belief Systems

Everyone and their mom knows Tom is a huge part of controversial religion Scientology, and has the polarizing faith’s leader David Miscavige for a right-hand man.

Kyle is all the way in with the secretive Institute of Higher Mind and leans on IHM’s leader Terence (Michael Vaughn).
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