Out Again By Robin Cloud

Coming out can be tough, even if you're Kristen Stewart. But for Cat, the deadpan heroine of Shatterbox Anthology's newest short film, Out Again, it's become a strange measure of her mother's progressing Alzheimer’s. During a surprise visit home to announce her marriage, Cat quickly realizes that her mom doesn't remember that she's gay. But after Cat and her wife, Liz, are spotted kissing in the garden, she has to come out again, this time to remind her mother of who she is and the people she loves. Add Liz's hope to get pregnant into the mix, and the newlyweds are in for quite the weekend in the suburbs.

Directed by comedian Robin Cloud, Out Again is a bittersweet, quirky portrait of the universality of love, and the struggles still faced by the LGBTQ community. Check out the full film above.

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