How To Style 8 Of Our Favorite Celebrity Haircuts

There are two types of celebrities: those who change their hair so often, sometimes even we can't tell if it's real, and those who stick to their signature look through thick and thin. As you likely know, it's the former group that tends to get all the internet love, including styling breakdowns and updates on all their latest switch-ups.

But what if you identify more with the latter set — ain't nothin' wrong with being a creature of habit! —and want to know how to style those classic looks? We're talking about Taylor Swift's bob, Deepika Padukone's long waves, and Solange's Afro.

We asked hairstylists Eloise Cheung and Matt Fugate to break down the tried-and-true celebrity styles that we love — including how much time you should be spending on them and the tools you need for the closest results. Check out their pro advice in the slides ahead.

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The Inspiration: Kendall Jenner's lob

The Cut: A long lob with light layering based on your texture

Plan For: 30 minutes, longer if you have curly hair

The Technique: For those with straight to wavy hair, this is a rough-dry situation, according to Cheung. Start by running a light mousse through your damp hair, then take the nozzle off your dryer before turning it to your head. Those with curly hair should follow the same advice, but plan for a longer styling session as you'll need to stretch out your curls a bit with a round brush to mimic this exact texture.

When your hair is dry, use a flat iron to create or enhance any bends and light waves. (This tutorial will help.) Cheung recommends finishing with a light-control hair spray (she likes Aveda Air Control) to give "guts, but not stickiness or stiffness."
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The Inspiration: Shakira's long curls

The Cut: Long with light layers — and no razoring allowed (or prepare to fight frizz, too)

Plan For: About an hour and 15 minutes

The Technique: Work mousse through wet hair, then flip your head upside down and use a diffuser to dry the hair. "Make sure you get into the roots and don't touch or scrunch the hair [with your fingers], as this makes it frizz," says Cheung.

Next, define the ends (or anywhere that looks fluffy or flat) with a 3/4-inch wand or curling iron.

Tip: Alternate directions as you curl, no matter your texture, for a more natural-looking result.
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The Inspiration: Taylor Swift's bob

The Cut: Classic, A-line bob with feathery bangs

Plan For: About 25 minutes, longer if you have curly hair

The Technique: Straight hair? Hairstylist Matt Fugate says that 25 minutes is the maximum amount of time you need if you're rocking a bob like Swift. Focus on smoothing the bangs and hairline at the beginning of the blowout, rough-dry the rest, and finish with a round brush to keep it from going too straight. A few spritzes of texture spray through the roots and you're good to go.

Those with wavy to curly hair should opt for the same advice, but instead of rough drying focus on wrap drying the hair against the head, which will give a lived-in look (you don't want a perfect blowout here) and takes far less time. Coat hands in styling cream and rake through strands to finish. (Depending on how curly your locks are, you may need to run a flat iron through the hair before moving onto product.)
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The Inspiration: Solange's Afro

The Cut: Chin-length or shorter with tons of rounded layers and piecey bangs

Plan For: A few hours (or however long it takes your hair to air-dry)

The Technique: Both Cheung and Fugate say curls like Solange's look best if they're allowed to air-dry after washing. (Drying it overnight helps during the winter.) "It will take a few
hours to dry completely, so the cheat is to use a diffuser and then to finish [defining] any straighter pieces with a small curling iron," says Cheung. "Squeeze in a little hair cream, like John Masters Organics Rose & Apricot Hair Milk, to hydrate any parched pieces."
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The Inspiration: Michelle Williams' crop

The Cut: A classic pixie

Plan For: You got lucky, this cut takes 15 minutes tops!

The Technique: The ideal cut for those short on time with straight to wavy hair, simply run your fingers through the pixie as you blowdry, then style it with a light wax or hairspray. Those with wavy hair will benefit from a wrap dry, to smooth the hair without looking too perfect. Just make sure to avoid round brushes so the hair doesn't get round and fluffy, says Fugate.

Those with curly hair that want to go short should opt for something with rounded layers instead — or pick up a flat iron to achieve this exact look. You can find more short hair inspo right here.
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The Inspiration: Deepika Padukone's long waves

The Cut: Long layers suited for your texture

Plan For: About an hour

The Technique: "Run a light mousse through damp hair, then dry the hair with the nozzle on (for smoothness and efficiency) and a flat brush," says Cheung. Once the hair is smoothed out and dry, either grab a flat iron — to get the long, sleek finish that's en vogue right now — or hot rollers, to get the look you see here.

Why hot rollers? They're fast and less damaging on longer lengths. (This tutorial breaks it down more.) Roll the hair like you see in the tutorial, going in one direction to keep the look polished. Yes, you can also use a large-barrel curling iron, but again, make sure you go in one direction or you'll end up with loose, messy waves, not what you see here.
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The Inspiration: Janelle Monáe's lob

The Cut: A shoulder-length cut with light layers suited for your texture and long, side-swept bangs

Plan For: About an hour, less if your hair is straight

The Technique: A heat-protecting cream or spray is your best friend for this look. Apply it generously before blowing out the hair with a metal brush (for textured or curly hair) or a boar bristle brush (for wavy, straight, fine or fragile hair). Once hair is smoothed out and dry, Cheung recommends wrapping the front and top sections around hot rollers to give volume and bend. (This tutorial breaks it down more.) When the hair has cooled, run your fingers through it all to loosen things up and soften the style.
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The Inspiration: Karlie Kloss' waves

The Cut: Medium to long, with layers for your texture and side-swept bangs

Plan For: About 25 minutes for fine to medium-weight hair, longer if your hair is thick or curly

The Technique: Fugate, who regularly works with Kloss, says blowing out hair like hers (medium weight and fairly straight) is a quick and easy process. "The focus should be on [using] volumizer around the crown, then drying that area first. Set it in a clip and gently smooth the rest with a large boar bristle round brush," he says.

Textured, wavy, or curly hair? Focus on smoothing out your hair with a paddle brush (a round brush will look too perfect), and spend more time around the crown and face. Don't worry about it being perfect — you'll go over any messy pieces with a wand next.

Then, use a curling rod to add random bends and waves, no matter your texture.
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