Here's How To Use Instagram's Slideshow Feature

Any second now, your Instagram feed will start filling up with people eagerly testing out the app's new album feature, which lets you combine up to 10 photos and videos into a single post. As with any new tool on Instagram, finding the most effective way to use it can earn you likes, additional followers, and even influencer status.

The steps for assembling a gallery are relatively simple. But which photos should you include, and in what order? Do you give your album one unified look or edit each photo individually? These are the questions you'll need to answer as you play with Instagram's latest tool.

Our advice: Pick a theme for your gallery and stick to it, whether you're showing off your latest ski trip or the party you planned for a friend. The more cohesive your post, the better, especially since you can only provide one caption.

Click through to see how to make your own slideshow. Then, have some fun testing it out. After all, it isn't every day that Instagram gifts us an update this major.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
Step 1: Add Photos To Your Gallery

Tap the plus icon at the bottom of the screen to upload a photo or video as you usually would. Then, to add multiple images to your post, tap the new icon in the bottom right-hand corner. You'll be able to select up to 10 photos and videos for your gallery.
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
Step 2: Adjust The Order

To rearrange your party shots your travel photos, just tap and hold an image and move it to the spot where you'd like it to show up.
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
Step 3: Edit Your Images

When you post an album, the location tag and caption you write will apply to the entire slideshow, as will the number of likes and comments.

However, you have control over tagging and editing for each image. Just scroll through to edit each shot one by one. If you do want to apply the same filter to the entire post, you can do that, too. Tap any filter along the bottom of the slideshow to apply it to all images at once.
Photo: Courtesy of Madeline Buxton.
One Downside

Unfortunately, Instagram still doesn't allow you to save slideshows that you've worked on as drafts, like it does for individual images. This means that if you make edits, you'll need to publish right away or risk losing all the changes you've made. You've been warned.
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
How Your Grid Will Look

When rearranging the order of your photos, make sure that the one you put first is one that you like, since that's what will show up on your grid. The album icon will appear in the upper right corner so that followers know to scroll through for more shots.
Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
How Your Post Will Look

When your post appears on a friend's feed, they'll see blue dots along the bottom to indicate that they should scroll through to see the whole set.
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