33 Gifts For Every Ball Of Stress In Your Life

It's rough out there. Between work, your social calendar, and fewer hours of precious daylight, you are not alone if you're feeling the end-of-year stress wave that is familiar to so many of us. And now, after this election? Forget it. It's nearly impossible to find anyone who isn't feeling the extra stress of this news, no matter how they voted.

Of course, election aside, we all know how badly we need to take care to manage our stress. But it's not exactly easy to follow through on that. It's hard to turn away from Facebook and Twitter when so much is happening. And it's way too easy for one skipped gym session to turn into weeks of skipped gym sessions.

But, although it seems paradoxical, giving ourselves permission to take a night off every once in a while is the key to keeping everything else on track. Otherwise, the pressure to keep up a so-called "perfect" or "clean" lifestyle will send us into a spiral of self-doubt.

And that's even more important now that we've entered the most wonderful (read: anxiety-provoking) time of the year. So, click through for a few gift ideas to treat the most stressed-out person in your life — especially if that's you.

Let your stressed-out friend know it's okay to take a night off every once in a while.
Urban Outfitters Stay Home Pillow, $39.00 Buy
These leggings are perfect for the ball of stress that likes to work out their nerves at the gym. They're comfy enough for relaxing yoga, but also have reflective elements to keep her safe on an energizing run.
Zobha Zander Legging With Reflective Webbing, $60.00 Buy
Sure, we know meditation isn't for everyone. But if anything can get your ball of stress into it, it's the Headspace app.
Headspace 3 Months Subscription, $35.99 Buy
This chamomile balm goes everywhere you need it to. Plus, the tube is compostable.
Earth Tu Face Cosmos Chamomile Everywhere Salve, $22.00 Buy
Starting a meditation habit has never been easier (or more comfy).
Gaiam Zafu Meditation Cushion, $44.98 Buy
This sea-salt-and-sage combo is sure to calm any nerves.
Paddywax Small Concrete Candle, $14.00 Buy
This mist will leave you relaxed and moisturized.
Givenchy Mist Me Gently, $36.00 Buy
Take your favorite de-stressing scent with you.
Saje AromaCar, $9.95 Buy
The perfect ending to any annoying day.
Naturopathica Stress Tea, $19.00 Buy
Put this on for a little extra reassurance.
ADAMJK Okay Lapel Pin, $9.99 Buy
You laugh, but this block of plastic — this utterly featureless "phone" — is just what your most phone-addicted friend needs in their stocking. Just having it in their hands can help break stress-inducing tech addiction.
The NoPhone The NoPhone, $12.00 Buy
A little bit of green will calm any cluttered desk.
Terrain Fern Terrarium Kit, $38.00 Buy
Or, if taking care of actual living things is too challenging, these stickers are an adorable option.
Beetle Ink Co. House Plant Sticker Set, $7.00 Buy
Hide from the world with this soft (and versatile!) hoodie.
Manduka Ananda Hoodie, $98.00 Buy
The perfect blend of anxiety-busting oils in a convenient rollerball.
21 Drops De-Stress Essential Oil Blend, $29.00 Buy
This handy foam roller is perfect for releasing neck and shoulder tension.
Trigger Point Performance Grid STK Foam Roller, $34.99 Buy
Not only will these eye masks make it easier to get the rest you need, they're great for headaches too.
Earth Therapeutics Gel Bead Sleep Mask, $8.00 Buy
Time your scents with the flow of your day to get energy — and relaxation — when you need it most.
Cinnamon Projects 2 P.M. Accord, $60.00 Buy
Adult coloring books have taken off thanks to their ability to send us into a meditative state. This one comes with the added benefit of letting you indulge your anger.
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Release Your Anger, $10.95 Buy
The scent of green tea and basil in this lovely hand cream provides a calming effect.
The Soap & Paper Factory Green Tea Hand Cream, $18.00 Buy
The ingredients in this chill tea include valerian root to help you fall asleep.
Art Of Tea Chill Out Tea, $16.00 Buy
For when "real" pants are just too much.
Athleta Flux Jogger, $79.00 Buy
Sleep is the answer for everything, including stress. Spray this stuff on your pillow before bedtime for an easier doze-off.
This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, $29.00 Buy
We're big fans of this cute and functional aromatherapy necklace.
Cor Silver Circle Aromatherapy Pendant, $125.00 Buy
Set up these little stress-relievers all over your home.
Laura Mercier La Petite Patisserie Travel Candle Trio, $65.00 Buy
Get ready to work out some aggression. This works best with a gift certificate to a boxing class.
Title Boxing Gel Suspense V2T Training Gloves, $129.99 Buy
Or take this opportunity to find your balance.
Magic Carpet Yoga Mats Adult Suzani Mint Magic Carpet Yoga Mat, $98.00 Buy
For when the world is an awful place, but you can't even leave your desk.
Mean Folk Fuck The World Stress Ball, $5.99 Buy
Spritz this stuff anywhere you need some calm.
Lake & Skye Jasmine Floral Water, $69.00 Buy
This bubble bar gets you not just one but two soothing, fruity-scented baths.
Lush The Comforter, $11.95 Buy
Let others know that your to-do list is already quite full, thank you.
ban.do I Am Very Busy Ice Blue Mini Notebook, $14.95 Buy
Sage every room of your space to cleanse it of negative vibes.
Aquarian Soul Desert Sage Sacred Smoke, $18.00 Buy
This lotion's scent was created specifically to bust any stress.
Aveda Stress-Fix Body Lotion, $31.00 Buy
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