Theories: Everything Everyone Thinks About The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a show built on suspense and surprises. For every season break cliffhanger, there's a herd of Walkers ready to burst into frame. While we now know that Glenn and Abraham are Negan's victims, the show still has plenty of mysteries to unspool.

We know that the Saviors are our newest opponent for Rick, and that Negan is the most formidable opponent yet. We're not yet sure what Carol's fate is, or how the survivors will cope with being tossed from yet another frying pan into yet another fire. We know that this is a show built on hopelessness, but is this the year some civilization begins to form?

Most importantly, the colonies of the living and their relationships to each other are constantly balanced on a razor's edge.

Here, we'll collect the best theories about The Walking Dead. Check back weekly to see what your fellow fans are predicting.

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Beware Zombie Saliva

Everyone in the Walking Dead world is already infected to the “zombie” virus, so why is a zombie bite or scratch a death sentence if it’s not actually carrying the disease? It’s possible the undead carry a secondary deadly bacteria that causes the death of the "host," allowing the original zombie virus to take over, Reddit user Knuds1b theorizes. We buy it.
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Bertie Is A Traitor

Negan has a “little birdie” somewhere in the Walking Dead communities and the double agent just might be Hilltop’s Bertie, one Reddit user theorizes. Although the woman is a background character, the writers ensured the audience learns Bertie’s name — and we all know how much Negan loves puns.

The Bertie-birdie word play isn't the only strike against the Hilltop resident. Bertie is also highly interested in joining Magie’s fight against Negan, so it’s possible she added her name to the cause to get information for the leader of the Saviors.
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The Zombies Won't Be Around Forever

Could our favorite survivors see a future without a single zombie? One Reddit user floated a theory pointing out the zombies of season 7 look much more "degenerated" than the zombies of season 1. It's possible the legion of the undead is dying once again and will eventually be wiped out completely.

That would leave the remaining humans to figure out a new world order without any zombies to worry about. We're definitely here for that.
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Carl Is Secretly Our Narrator

While it’s hard to imagine just how The Walking Dead will end, one theory gives us a pretty good idea. Some fans believe the final moments of the AMC drama will show Rick’s death, followed by a flash forward to Carl as an old man.

The now-elderly Grimes man will be telling a totally new group of survivors the tale of his father’s most dangerous zombiepocalypse adventures. That would mean the entire series was actually a years-long flashback of Carl memorializing Rick by sharing the stories of TWD.
Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC
Daryl Could Still Die

This theory posits that Daryl might be the next survivor to bite it on The Walking Dead. He's given an interview to EW that made it seem like he would follow Glenn into death. Not only that, but fans have long speculated that this season would mean Daryl's end. Still, we're not buying this one.
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Breaking Bad Is A The Walking Dead Prequel

As far as theories go, this falls into the rubric of "Malcolm in the Middle, Seinfeld, and Breaking Bad all take place in the same universe." You know, insane. Absent any real evidence of an ur-Cranston, this theory relies on the durability of Jessie Pinkman between shows. Basically it all boils down to someone saying his profane catchphrase a lot. Kind of thin.
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Make America Dead Again

If someone saw a Donald Trump walker, they weren't alone. This theory posits that there was a political zombie shambolically lurching forward, turning anyone he met into a fellow wraith and dedicated to depriving people of life and dignity. Also, supposedly an extra looked like Donald Trump. Wild.
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