Theories: Everything Everyone Thinks About The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a show built on suspense and surprises. For every season break cliffhanger, there's a herd of Walkers ready to burst into frame. While we now know that Glenn and Abraham are Negan's victims, the show still has plenty of mysteries to unspool.
We know that the Saviors are our newest opponent for Rick, and that Negan is the most formidable opponent yet. We're not yet sure what Carol's fate is, or how the survivors will cope with being tossed from yet another frying pan into yet another fire. We know that this is a show built on hopelessness, but is this the year some civilization begins to form?
Most importantly, the colonies of the living and their relationships to each other are constantly balanced on a razor's edge.
Here, we'll collect the best theories about The Walking Dead. Check back weekly to see what your fellow fans are predicting.

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