Revisiting The Miley & Mandy Show — & What The Hell Happened To Mandy

There's not much that hasn't changed about Miley Cyrus since 2008. Back then, she was busy starring on Hannah Montana, touring with the Jonas Brothers, and not wearing see-through bodysuits. She was also half of The Miley And Mandy Show, a YouTube series she launched with her backup-dancer-cum-best-friend, Mandy Jiroux. The show basically consisted of five-minute webcam videos of the two girls sitting on the floor of Cyrus' bedroom — and having giggle-fits of the magnitude that only teenaged BFFs can. Oh, and those videos? They racked up millions upon millions of views.

We all know where Cyrus is now, whether we want to or not. But what about her partner in crime, Jiroux? Well, she has been busy, too — and not dancing for Miley. The now-blonde 28-year-old (she's five years older than Cyrus) is a self-described singer, dancer, choreographer, and DJ. She just launched a dance cardio fitness program called Move Like Mandy. (And judging by her own bangin' physique, she knows what she's doing.) She can teach you the choreography for every top 20 hit, from "Uptown Funk" to "Sorry." And she recently released a single called "Fade Away" — an EDM-tinged club track — with young Dutch producer-duo REEZ. To top it all off, she has a super-cute dog named Starfox and recently rubbed shoulders with Jared Leto. Go, Mandy! (Tragically, no signs of Jiroux and Cyrus hanging out recently.)

Now that we've solved that burning mystery, here are 10 classic episodes of The Miley And Mandy Show for you to enjoy.

The Premiere

Miley and Mandy's debut episode gives you a pretty fair idea of what you can expect from the girls: Giggles, gabbing, cartwheels, and lip-synching.
"Ryan Seacrest"

The girls get up early after a sleepover to call in to Ryan Seacrest's show. They talk about their burgeoning YouTube empire and being BFFs.
"It's Like A Tank Top"

The girls go through Cyrus' mess of a closet and explain the origins of their short-lived "it's like a tank top" meme.

This one starts off with some mediocre joke-telling and devolves into something that's actually much funnier: two teen girls with unstoppable giggles.

The girls talk about the origins of their friendship (Jiroux became Cyrus' backup dancer two years ago and BFF seven months ago); their favorite bands (Metro Station, Angels and Airwaves); their favorite hangout spot (Target); and, most surprisingly, Mandy's age (20!).
"On The Way To The MTV Movie Awards"

This abbreviated episode (67 seconds) is shot in the back of the car while Miley & Co. are en route to the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, where Miley picked up a statue for "The Climb."
"Is My Makeup Too Dark?"

The girls parody Miley's fellow Disney stars Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez's video. They make fun of Demi's former tooth gap and dark eye makeup, as well as Selena's nostalgic T-shirt. Not clear how rude they're intending to be.
"Good-bye Twitter"

Cyrus raps about why she decided to quit Twitter way back when — and the lyrics are surprisingly good. ("I stopped livin' for moments and started living for people.") Though obviously, she changed her mind.
"Wake Up America"

The girls implore America to wake up to environmentalism and "go green." Jiroux plays the ignorant energy-waster and Cyrus plays the tree hugger (obviously). Earnest and mildly educational.
"Scary Maze Game"

Cyrus plays a prank on Jiroux using a viral online game where something pops out at the unsuspecting player. Equal parts suspense and hysterics. Fast-forward to 4:30 for Jiroux's blood-curdling scream.
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