The 8 Stages Of Finding The Perfect New Year's Eve Outfit

Finding the perfect New Year's Eve outfit is an epic task. Compounding the monster endeavor is the fact that it's normally relegated to the one month of the year when you're bound to be nursing an eggnog hangover everyday. You were going to look for a dress on Black Friday. But your gift shopping left no room in your budget. Then, holiday parities happened. And suddenly, you have three days left before the ball drops and nothing new and sparkly hanging in your closet. There's a process for choosing your December 31 look. Knowing the stages could make the whole ordeal a little easier.

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Decide on the level of sparkle you want to achieve.

From a subtle shimmer to "Don't Look Directly Into The Light."
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Find the dress that meets all your New Year's Eve fantasies.

It's short. It's sequined. It will look amazing even with a little Champagne on it.
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Suddenly remember every freezing moment of trekking from place to place in last year's NYE dress.

You wore head-to-toe fleece for days afterwards.
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Try to track down the coat you loaned your sister for that wedding she went to.

It would go perfectly with the dress! Actually, maybe you loaned it to your roommate? Or maybe your roommate's sister?
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Actually consider it when at least one of your friends suggest you just go out in sweatsuits.

Don't you deserve to be comfortable?
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Consider tights.

Pros — warm legs in the freezing cold outside. Cons — warm legs in the tiny apartment turned brick oven fueled by ten tons of body heat.
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Consider staying home in a Snuggie.

I mean, you can still wear your nice outfit for an Instagram photo before returning to the comfort and warmth of a blanket with sleeves.
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Consider the New Year, the swift march of time, and your own insignificance in the universe, and put on your go-to winter dress.

It's warm. It's comfortable. It has lived through midnights before and come out on the other side.
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