The Most Important Pop-Up This Weekend

embed (1)Photo: Courtesy of The Ace Hotel.
In case you haven't noticed, New York weather is having a moment. Okay, it's more like a conniption. On any given day lately, you're facing a veritable force of snow/rain/street lakes that make even the hardiest of New Yorkers scowl. Suddenly, you realize you don't really have the proper materials to get through another eight weeks of this. And, the cold-weather gear you're seeing isn't exactly...what's the word, chic?
Enter the Ace Hotel's Art Of Apprenticeship pop-up shop. This weekend, the iconic inn will host Lockwood Umbrellas in conjunction with Fashion Week. The bespoke London brand makes umbrellas that are elegant. Sure, that $3 contraption you picked up from a guy at Union Square was bought out of desperation — but it's time to upgrade. Check out the Ace Hotel's pop-up this weekend and get your big-girl umbrella game on. You may want to get a pair of snow boots, too.

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