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The governors of several U.S. states refuse to accept Syrian refugees in the wake of the Paris attacks. (Refinery29)
The widower of a 9/11 hero returned his wife’s Woman of the Year award after Caitlyn Jenner received the same honor. (Refinery29)
About 1,500 Mormons left the church over its new same-sex marriage policy. (Refinery29)
Baltimore’s total number of homicides surpasses 300 for the year. (Baltimore Sun)
Oxford Dictionaries’ international "Word of the Year" isn't a word, it's an emoji. (Time)
Anonymous pledged to launch its “biggest operation ever” against ISIS in light of the Paris attacks. (Refinery29)
Georgetown University will rename two campus buildings, originally named after slaveowners. (Think Progress)
Adele just gave us a sneak peek of her new song, "When We Were Young." And it's EVERYTHING. (Refinery29)

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