Movie & TV Jobs From The '90s That Don't Exist Anymore

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
Though we are living through the great '90s renaissance, where you can listen to the Backstreet Boys while wearing dark matte lipstick and browsing overalls online, there are certain things we left behind in the age of the Beanie Baby. While you might have been told you can grow up to be anything you want to be, that inspirational poster should have come with one caveat: you can be anything — as long as you don't dream of being in beeper sales.

Kids catching reruns of Friends can still aspire to walk in Ross' professional shoes, but there are some jobs from '90s pop culture that will never post another help-wanted ad. One of the best parts of revisiting beloved '90s nostalgia is the outdated technology — and that extends to now-extinct jobs, too. Someone stressing over the rentals at their local video store seems just as silly as someone worrying about tying up the phone if they go online. But who knows how ridiculous these jobs will look to the kids of 2030?

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