#Trending: Stylish Long Johns, Power Pastels, & Streaking!

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and we're cataloging all the style, soirees, and stumbles. Yes, if it happened, it's here. The daily stuff you want to know, straight from the front row.
It's day three and we're feeling good. So good that we woke up wide-eyed and bushy-tailed half asleep but doing okay now that we've got our crazy straw helmet strapped to our heads administering us a healthy dose of hands-free Caffè Americano. After checking off said caffeinated headwear, we were nearly lulled back into a beautiful dream state at Prabal Gurung's dimly lit, dramatically beautiful Himalayan-inspired fantasy show. Until, of course, a G-string donning d-head-in-a-crown streaker jolted us back into reality.
Moving along. Let us not spend too much time doting on the class clown. Another thing we won't do, at least not until tomorrow, is complain about the cold. No need when rag & bone has got us covered (in the literal sense) next season. We surely aren't ones to fight this eyebrow-raising use of long johns under date-worthy and work-friendly outfits. And, we're equally on track to embrace the rubber-coated, heeled duck boots. Interested in more? Well there's a shiba inu throwing a doggone #nyfw hissy fit and the prettiest pastel ensemble this side of the Hudson River, up ahead. A true mashup roll call with one common thread: #Trending. In. Fashion.

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