11 Fashion Brands Set To Blow Up In 2014

Call us huge nerds, but one of the reasons why we're so obsessed with fashion is that the main players — retailers, brands, houses — are like living, breathing beings to us. They have their good moments, their bad, their meteoric comebacks, and their untimely ends. They fight with each other, love on each other, and are basically our versions of soap opera characters. To say they're just names is like calling a film just a story set to moving images.
So, just as movies can define an era, so, too, can fashion brands. And, though 2013 was rife with big story lines, 2014 seems to be revving up to deliver some surprising narratives as well. With huge innovations in production models and a new aesthetic that everyone will be wearing soon, these 11 fashion brands are sure to change everything this year. Ready for the drama?

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