The A-To-Z Guide To Awesome Gifting

For those Scrabble buffs among us who love both letters and giving wonderful presents, we've got the ultimate game for you: the A-to-Z gift guide. And, in this delightful diversion, everyone's a winner — especially the people on your "very nice" list. Yes, we went in search of the top goodies for all the alphas on your list, and from "Artpop-Pop" to "Zodiac Note Cards," we left no "P" for "Pet Rock" unturned in our quest to bring you the best. So, ahead, we've got the 26 awesome, letter-assigned trinkets guaranteed to please.
But, why should we have all the fun? This logophile gift game's meant to be shared. Click through to see our selections, and then tell us below about your present picks for each and every character on your list!
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A Jeff Koons-designed, limited-edition Champagne gift set to go Gaga gaga over.

Dom Perignon
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Baller Bike Lock
This handcrafted, leather-wrapped Kryptonite lock is sure to be a hit with your best biker babe.

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Cheeky Knickers
She wore an itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, flamingo-spotted sheer bikini — care of you!

Beautiful Bottoms
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This pair of beautiful, petite sparklers is sure to put stars in her eyes as well as on her ears.

Minor Obsessions
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Eat-Your-Veggies Calendar
An artfully illustrated seasonal-produce calendar that's accompanied by an easy, delicious recipe every month — perfect for the budding foodies and veggies in your life.
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F Is for FIAT ® 500L

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to see this stylish, charming, and surprisingly spacious five-door Italian number under their holiday tree? Granted, that’s a very big tree. Nonetheless, with great mileage, a 160-horsepower turbo engine, and an easy starting price, FIAT 500L is a slice of driving heaven you can actually afford!

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Good Smells
This next-level candle has a transportive aura that's pure magic.

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Heritage Blankie
A two-century-old French point blanket introduced to Canada by the Brits and also adored by color-loving warmth seekers — an investment buy to be shared and passed down.
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Ideal Docking Station
Hand-made with love, this beech-wood classic-radio-style docking station also comes with a public-radio listening app that appears on your iPhone as a throwback tuner. Music/tech nerds and minimalists alike, prepare to be gifted.
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Just Tops
You know those tech gloves that have one or two fingers covered in magical conductive threads for touch-screen use? Forget those slacker mitts — these have all five.
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Kozy Karl
Sometimes you just want to be snuggled up in the likeness of an (aviator-covered) steely-eyed fashion genius.
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Limited-Edition Artwork
An array of smartly curated contemporary-art pieces — signed (by the artist!), sealed, and delivered — while supplies last, of course.
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Maraschino Cherries
The original Italiano fixin' for your mixin' is all the fancy without the price. Go the extra mile and give a jar with an accompanied Luxardo maraschino cocktail recipe, found here!
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Night-Out Palette
A glam-tastic wonder wheel of smoldering hues accompanied by dramatic black liner and mascara — the total no-brainer gift for all the lovely ladies on your list.
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Oldie-Time Gamer Game
Move over, dusty Monopoly box — this leather backgammon set by Clare Vivier is designed to be rolled up and transported much like one of her to-die-for clutches.
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Pet Rock
Since the family pooch isn't doing anything to up your loved ones' feng shui game, introduce them to this stunning, titanium-covered quartz crystal — all the positive energy, none of the stray dog hair.
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Quiet Time
For all the overworked kittens on your list, a purrrrfectly adorable lights-out mask.
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Rude Bracelets
So your gifted buddies can tell 'em how they really feel.
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Souped-Up Headphones
Crystal-Clear Sound Town, population: one lucky loved one.
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Tropical Planter
It's a valiant effort to make your friend's plants even more awesome.
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Umberto Eco’s First Novel
You can totally judge a book by its cover when the cover is commissioned to an artist and printed on gorgeous, high-quality materials. The Folio Society has a whole library of best-selling, limited-edition, and classic books that make for a special gift to proudly display.
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Vegan It Bag
Meat eaters will want one of these, too.
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Warm Wool Cap
This is one cozy topper sure to become her prized winter possession.
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X-Rated Plaything
Don't be shy — your bestie will thank you for this gold-star-rated bedside companion.
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YOLO!! Cheese Assortment
'Tis the season, so live it up with a shareable gift that serves eight — but it's, like, totally acceptable for one as well, right?
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Zodiac Note Cards
Your astrologically attuned giftee will be pleased to use these cards and then save the box.

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