18 Fitness Gadgets To Get In Shape

Between summer vacations and festivals full of gourmet grub, odds are, it’s time to get back into shape for the changing of the leaves. And, if your buddies are all hikers and you’re more of a jogger, no matter your preference, we found a way you’ll never break a sweat alone. These 18 savvy fitness gadgets will get you in gear and have you reaching your goals before those Thanksgiving woes hit your waistline.
From a wristband that lets you know just how many calories you've burned to a water bottle that keeps track of your individual H20 needs, working out won’t require much actual “work” with these babies by your side. Click through ’em all after the jump, and ditch your fears of stepping on the scale once and for all.
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Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap Light
As much as we’d love to take a brisk morning jog while the a.m. fog keeps us nice and cool, sometimes we hit snooze a little too often. So, when a moonlit jog is on the agenda, and that lunar beam isn’t doing the trick, brighten up your track with this clip-on cap light by Amphipod. Fasten it to your favorite ball cap, choose between flashing lights or a constant ray, and set your sights on hitting those goals — not parking signs.

Amphipod Swift-Clip Cap Light, $14.95, available at REI.
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Garmin Dakota 10 Handheld GPS
Now, when someone tells you to “take a hike” or “get lost” the two phrases won’t translate to the same thing, with this handy GPS you can take on the trails. This touch-screen outdoor navigator is your guide for trekking around these hills, and it’s sunlight-readable, so there’s no need to squint. The only things that will go astray are those calories you’ll be burning.

Garmin Dakota 10 Handheld GPS, $309.99, available at Brookstone.
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Beats By Dre Beats Pill
Sure, these portable pill-shaped players may have gotten their claim to fame thanks to Robin Thicke and Pharrell, but this handy (literally) music device is a must-have if you’re a fan of at-home workouts. If you want to knock out a few crunches and need surround sound while doing so, this beaut will do the trick with its killer beats, light weight, and flurry of colors. You can start a gym session any time, anywhere!

Beats By Dre Beats Pill, $199, available at Beats By Dre.
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Ping iPing Putting Cradle
If you want to save yourself some embarrassment the next time you hit the golf course, we suggest your practice using the iPing Putting Cradle that attaches to any putter. The cradle is compatible with a fourth-generation iPod, and when you download the free iPing application, you automatically have a personal coach telling you how to improve your form.

Ping iPing Putting Cradle, $29.99, available at Dick’s Sporting Goods.
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Fitbit Aria
We all know that when it comes to maintaining a healthy frame, it’s not just the weight that counts. So, why do our scales only measure the pounds? The Fitbit Aria takes into account your individual amount of body fat and calculates your BMI, in addition to your weight. To help stay on track while off the scale, it comes with an online graph and mobile features that helps you navigate your next steps. No matter how you measure it, the Aria is essential for everyone still trying to shed that freshmen 15 or post-baby weight.

Fitbit Aria, $129.95, available at Fitbit.
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Griffin Trainer Sport Armband
There’s nothing more distracting than your iPod flopping around all over the place during marathon training. To keep it in check, strap on the Griffin Trainer Sport Armband and stay focused on the energizing beats.

Griffin Trainer Sport Armband, $19.95, available at Apple.
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Nike+ SportsWatch
Once you take one run with this baby, there’s no turning back. This smart running watch tracks your mileage, pace, calories burned, and more, all while updating to your Nike + account. It keeps a nifty little history of your past runs so you can keep an eye on performance, too. We’re seriously hooked and can’t take a jog without it.

Nike SportsWatch, $169, available at Nike.
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J-Fit Digital Jump Rope
The old-school jump rope gets a makeover, and it’s no longer just for the playground. The J-Fit Digital Jump Rope measures how many skips you’ve taken, meaning you can save your breath from counting them out loud. So, just focus on your rhythm and you’re on your way to beating your last high score. Jump to it!

J-Fit Digital Jump Rope, $14.99, available at Shopping Warehouse.
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Hapilabs Hapifork
If you tend to chow down at breakneck speeds (hey, we’ve all been that hungry before) there’s an easy way to slow your eating habits down, so that all those gym sessions don’t go to waste on the plate. The Hapifork tracks how quickly you’re gobbling up your dinner and alerts you using indicator lights to notify you on your speed. It even tallies how long it takes you to finish a meal, how many servings you’re opening wide for, and takes note of the intervals between each bite. Put a fork in your days of overactive eating, they’re officially done.

Hapilabs Hapifork, $99, available at Hapilabs.
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Jawbone UP
While most smart wristlets only track your calories burned, the Jawbone Up goes above and beyond, measuring everything from your sleep functions to eating habits. When using the accompanying phone application, you can document your meals and moods, so you know what makes you cranky-pants. Luckily, its sleek design can easily blend with your array of arm candy, because this baby is meant to be worn 24-7.

Jawbone UP, $129, available at Jawbone.
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Pear Pro Training Intelligence Kit
Let’s be real: Landing yourself a personal trainer can be a costly endeavour. And, finding one that fits with your hectic schedule? Forget about it. Luckily, all is not lost on that front. The Pear Pro Training Intelligence Kit gives you real-time audio coaching that will push you to challenge yourself, and knows what you're capable of, thanks to the heart rate and foot pod monitors. And, then there’s that awesome feeling when you get results all on your own.

Pear Pro Training Intelligence Kit, $199.95, available at Pear Sports.
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Nexersys Home Boxing Unit
Get ready to step out of the ring, boxing champs, because we’ve found a state-of-the-art fitness gadget that will have you knocking ’em dead in your living room. The Nexersys Home Boxing Unit has seven strike pads and a trio of axis accelerometers, so you can jab out those hooks with ease. The monitor stays on top of your accuracy, power, and strike counts, so you can keep improving. After using this device and toning up those arms MObama style, you’ll be a total knockout in no time.

Nexersys Home Boxing Unit, $2,995, available at Amazon.
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Reebok Checklight
This one’s for all you intense athletes out there who believe in using your head to get fit. If you’re vulnerable to noggin injuries, pull on this Reebok Checklight that logs the total number of impacts you sustain and notifies you with indication lights by level of severity for each hit, which gives a whole new meaning to the term “head lights."

Reebok Checklight, $165, available at Fancy.
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The Peloton Cycle
If your neck of the woods is nowhere near a gym, let alone one that offers spin classes, this ultra-fancy bike lets you pedal away to stay fit at home. With an HD multi-touch screen in front of you, which links to Wi-Fi, you can attend real-time classes from top trainers. Yes, we’re totally serious. And, if you missed the live class, you can hop on and watch it anytime on demand. A spin class that fits to our schedules? Yes, please! It’s available now for pre-order, so head over to the site now, and you’ll be in spin city soon!

Peloton Cycle, $1,190, available at Peloton.
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Beats By Dre Powerbeats
Our biggest running pet peeve? Keeping our ear buds in check! Well, thanks to Beats By Dre’s Powerbeats our ear buds aren't going anywhere anytime soon. These guys contour to the shape of your ear and stay firmly in place, for even the most rowdy workouts. Hey, you know if they were co-designed by LeBron James, they are staying put. They come in a fun array of colors and you can actually change the music right from the cord. Amazing!

Beats By Dre Powerbeats, $150, available at Beats By Dre.
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Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Waterbottle
It’s common knowledge that staying hydrated is key when working up a sweat. To be sure you’re getting just the right amount of H20 your bod needs, the Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Waterbottle measures your daily amount consumed, and then ensures you’re getting that energy boost only agua can provide. Gulp!

Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Waterbottle, $26.30, available at Amazon.
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Zeal HD Camera Goggle
S.F.ers will flip for this HD Camera Goggle. Now, your days of getting in some cardio in the fog belt won’t be so tricky since it has an anti-fog infused lens. That way, you can capture in HD your sweet abilities no matter if Karl rolls up to the party or not.

Zeal HD Camera Goggle, $399, available at Zeal.
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The Tinké
What if you could read your tweets and heart rate, oxygen level, and respiratory rate at the same time? The Tinké makes that a reality by connecting to any IOS device. Inject it into where you normally charge your device, and then start reading your individual levels, including how zen you are, with relaxation monitors. And, it comes in four rad colors to match your case.

Zensorium Tinké, $119, available at Zensorium.

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