The Backstories For Each Character Fighting The Apocalypse In The Rain

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Netflix's The Rain is a drama with the backbone of an anthology. Really, it's about a group a teens struggling to survive in a world devastated by a man-made apocalypse. Acid — or some other material, it's not really clear — rain murders anyone it touches, and most of Denmark is dead. Those who survived are not well, but they are really cute teens, which is why you're going to enjoy watching the show. Like The CW's The 100, The Rain counts on the teenhood of its main characters you keep you engaged. Yes, the situation is bleak, but at least the main characters are youthful and energetic! They're also slightly angsty and interested in falling in love with each other.
The main group featured in the The Rain is led by Martin (Mikkel Boe Følsgaard). Martin isn't the friendliest, and he doesn't even seem to like many members of the group. But he's bound to them, mostly thanks to Beatrice (Angela Bundalovic). Each episode of the show gives a short backstory to the characters involved. Here, we'll parse out each backstory for posterity.
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Photo: Per Arnesen/Netflix.
Simone (Alba August) and Rasmus (Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen)

Simone and Rasmus, siblings, are the unofficial protagonists of the show, thanks to their obliviousness. The first episode introduces their story: They were locked in a bunker for six years. Six years! Because of their bunker stay, they aren't hardened by the rough apocalyptic reality. Simone is unfailingly kind to everyone she meets, even when her actions end in disaster. Rasmus is less so, having experienced most of puberty in a bunker. He's an angry teen.

Regardless of their different personas, both Simone and Rasmus believe the rain can be stopped. This is because their father Frederik (Lars Simonsen) likely started the rain. A scientist for the company Apollon, Frederik is one of those risk-takers who's bound to make an apocalypse happen sometime.

In the first episode, Frederik takes Simone and Rasmus to an Apollon bunker to wait out the disaster. He claims he'll return for them, but he doesn't — or does he? In the first episode, a half-asleep Rasmus (still a kid) spots a man in a quarantine suit in their bunker. It looks like it's Frederik. Simone and Rasmus might be the most ill-equipped to survive the apocalypse, but they're also the ones with the key to survival. They have access to Apollon facilities, and Apollon is at the center of the disaster rain.
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The second episode details Martin's evolution from bright-eyed soldier to cruel master. When we meet him, Martin is ruthless. He kill without thinking, dead set on the "protect your own" mindset. This is a dog-eat-dog world, he reasons. But, he wasn't always so harsh. When the rain first came, Martin was a soldier in the army. This is why he's so handy with guns. His regiment largely died, though, when Martin allowed an infected woman to approach. He was instructed to kill anyone he saw approaching — the rain transmitted a deadly and contagious virus, so they had to protect against it — but he couldn't bring himself to do it. The infected woman was carrying a baby and crying out for help. Martin, confused, let her approach, and his entire regiment died. Episode 2 doesn't show how Martin became the de facto leader of a group of teens, but it does demonstrate how he got his cold-as-ice mindset. He fucked up once. He's not going to do it again.
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Beatrice is, on the surface, the kindest member of The Rain's central cast. She's the one who ensures Simone's survival in the first episode. She's also the one who decides Simone and Rasmus will stick with the group, no matter what. Supposedly, she's also very religious. She's more like Martin than she seems, though. Beatrice is also a ruthlesss survivalist. The third episode introduces us to her story: She met Martin in the years following the rain when she was taking care of Lea (Jessica Dinnage) and Jean (Sonny Lindberg). Martin, a monster, attacked her group and demanded some of their food. She, a modern Scheherazade, insists they stay for a family dinner and get some rest.

Little trickster.

Following dinner, Beatrice sneaks into Martin's bed and sleeps with him. She departs shortly after having sex with him. Martin, longing for more, is suddenly way more invested in keeping Beatrice around. In the morning, she recounts a plaintive tale of loss for Martin. Pointing at a nearby cabin, she claims, "This is where I grew up." She adds that she hasn't been back since the rain. She's lying, but it's working. Martin feels for his (maybe) ladylove and decides she can stay with him.

In the present-day storyline of episode 3, Beatrice uses the same trick on Rasmus. Poor Rasmus hasn't seen a woman beside his sister in years, and, when he does, she's a bit of a liar. Inside an apartment in Copenhagen, Simone tells Rasmus that she grew up there. This is her apartment. Those bodies in the bedroom? Those are her parents.

Beatrice is definitely lying to at least one person. She's probably lying to all of them. Does this make her a bad person? Maybe. But it also makes her a keen survivalist.
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Jean (Sonny Lindberg)

Jean (pictured all the way to the right), he of the glasses search, insists that he's done terrible things. In his episode, episode 4, he reveals just what that is. It is, indeed, terrible. Following the rain, Jean took refuge with a family: a mother, a father, and a deaf daughter. The daughter took a liking to Jean and insisted he stay. He stays and eventually, the Strangers arrive, killing the father in the process. The mother asks Jean to keep the daughter quiet inside the cottage. He does, keeping his hand over her mouth. He suffocates her in the process.

Lesson learned: Don't stay.

He chances upon Beatrice and Lea in the field where he is mourning the family. A small unicorn pendant dangles from the girl's grave. Jean grabs it as he joins Beatrice and Lea on their journey.
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Lea (Jessica Dinnage)

Lea, the poor poor girl with braces, was just a regular high school girl when the rain came. She wanted desperately to go to a party with her high school "friends." A la Carrie, her friends prank her viciously, spiking her Coke with a strong drug. Lea is then date-raped while the rest of the crew livestreams the affair. Later, the rest of the partygoers are outside while Lea hangs her head in shame inside. She then prays to God to help her. And God (well, Apollon) brings the rain, killing all the partygoers in the process. Her mother leaves to come fetch her just as the rain begins. Lea, thinking she brought the rain, assumes that she's killed her mother.

The show does not, unfortunately, show how Lea makes her way to Beatrice.
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Patrick (Lukas Løkken)

Patrick's meeting with Martin is humorously low-key. He runs into Martin at his home. Martin points his machine gun at Patrick and demands food. Patrick, a self-described good-for-nothing, casually offers Martin a smoke. This is a good strategy in a post-apocalyptic world, turns out. Martin, surprised by the offer, takes it, and the two toke up. Patrick offers up a lighter to Martin, who thanks him.

"Good thing I met you, then," he says. It's the first time Patrick's ever heard that phrase. (He's been fired a lot in his lifetime.)

Even Patrick's "rain" story is low-key. He was in his car, a used gift from his father, when the rain arrived. And yes, he was getting stoned. When the rain stopped, a stoned Patrick emerged to discover that everyone on a nearby beach was dead. For Patrick, his life maybe didn't fully start until the rain came. Post-rain, though, things kicked up a notch.

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