Who Were Randall & Tess Talking About On The This Is Us Finale — We Have Some Theories

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The season 2 finale of This Is Us aired on Tuesday night, and — spoiler! — it was a major tear-jerker. The episode, which focused mainly on Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz) and Toby Damon's (Chris Sullivan) simple, yet dreamy, wedding at the Pearson family cabin, also featured a lot of flash-backs and flash-forwards.
Though most of these moments were filled with Kate reminiscing about her childhood conversations on love and marriage with her late father, there was one towards the end of the episode that left fans feelings confused and, in our case, anxious as hell.
The scene unraveled while Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown) gave a speech at Kate's wedding. As he talked about coming to terms with the fact that you can't control the future, we saw him aged 10 years sitting across from an adult Tess (Iantha Richardson). They're both sullen and silent. Finally, Randall spoke up and said, "It's time to go see her, Tess." Clearly dreading what's to come, Tess replied, "I'm not ready."
Uh, hello! None of us were ready for that either. We have so many questions. How does Randall somehow look even more attractive with his salt-and-pepper hair? Where can we snag a pair of those clear frames? But, most importantly, who is the "her" they referred to in this conversation?
Though we don't know the identity of the mystery woman for certain, we've got a few ideas on who she might be.
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No one wants to believe that Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson) could die, like, ever. Her humor, humble nature, and kindness bring a balance to the sometimes morose Pearson family. Alas, here we are speculating that there's a chance Beth could be dead in the next 10 years.

Earlier in the episode, Beth and Randall played a game of "Worst Case Scenario" and tossed around the ideas that Deja (Lyric Ross) "might kill us both in our sleep," or worse, that she "might kill us both not in our sleep." Could their worst fears actually come true? We've already seen that Deja has understandable anger management issues after being abandoned by her mother Shauna (Joy Brunson), as evidenced by her bashing the windshield of Randall's car. What if she's capable of something more extreme?

Of course, murder isn't the only way that Beth could go out. Since this show loves a good sob story, she could also get sick, as her late father did, or die in a freak accident, leaving fans to wonder how something so terrible could happen to someone so pure. Again, we really hope we're wrong about this one!
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Randall and Beth's youngest daughter Annie Pearson (Faithe Herman) wasn't in any of the flash-forwards. While that doesn't necessarily mean she's definitely dead, incarcerated, or sick, such possibilities unfortunately aren't out of the question.

If Annie were, say, terminally ill, it might also explain why we didn't see Beth in the flash-forwards. Randall's dinners with Tess could be his weekly escape from the hospital while Beth stays to look after her daughter. Who knows, Beth could do the same on a different day of the week.

If Annie died, it could also explain why Randall and Beth weren't shown together in the future. There's a possibility the pain was too deep and the couple chose to split. Hopefully, none of these theories have the chance to become reality.
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While playing "Worst Case Scenario," Randall reveals he worries, "Deja never turns this around and ends up in jail." If her erratic behavior continues, there's a very real chance she could make some terrible, life-altering decisions that could land her behind bars, effectively repeating her mom's history.

Ideally, none of this will come to pass, and Deja will get the chance to live the happy, healthy life she an Randall often talk about.
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Someone we've yet to meet

Future Tess and Randall could have been talking about someone else entirely. Tess' future daughter? Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore)? Kate?

The possibilities are seemingly endless.

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