Dr. Pimple Popper Has A New Area She Loves To Pop

illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Imagine your favorite pimple popping videos in terms of Hollywood movie genres. There's the gruesome slasher, in which the protagonist yields a sharp tool toward (in these instances) lipomas or cysts on a person's back, neck, or face. Blackhead extractions are the parodies: It's hard not to be filled with joy after watching one. Then, you've got your light and painless rom-coms — where the script includes one particularly stubborn figure, some tension, and a happy ending.
"Those are the pilar cysts on the scalp," Dr. Sandra Lee, MD, (a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper) explains. The reason you've probably seen an explosion of these videos on her YouTube channel as of late: "They are really common, and some people have more than one. They are fun because they're so easy to do — it's like getting to take a little break at work. It only takes 10 minutes."
Dr. Lee understands why people are drawn to these scalp extractions, of course: "It is a very good visual," she admits. "The wall of this type of cyst is thicker than most, more like the consistency of an olive or the outside of a Baby Bell cheese. You still feel the tension of, 'What's going to happen?' but it always pops out easily."
Ready for a cinematic adventure? Check out some of her best videos, ahead.
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Hold on to your lunch: Here, Dr. Pimple Popper uses her scalpel to remove a garlic bulb-sized cyst.
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If you tend to cover your eyes at the bloody scenes in scary movies, this extraction might be especially tough to watch — but the ginormous benign growth is worth watching till the end.
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Like Dr. Lee said, these cysts tend to be firmer than your regular epidermoid cysts, and are derived from a different part of the hair follicle.
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The best part about these cases, like Dr. Lee says, is that the ease with which the cysts are extracted makes them deeply satisfying to watch. Consider this exhibit A.
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Interestingly, according to Dr. Pimple Popper, 90% of pilar cysts occur on the scalp.
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Just like the patient in the clip here, not everyone wants to see the cyst once the procedure is done... no matter how much pimple-popping fans don't understand.
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Can't get enough? This clip includes seven different pilar cysts removals — each one as juicy as the next.

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