10 Predictions We're Making About Denim In 2018

The level of creativity when it comes to denim is off the rails, and almost nothing surprises us anymore. A pair of jeans that are essentially made up of a handful of patches? It's probably happening. Jeans that have a cut-out waistband and hems so long you'd need a friend to hold them up for you? We're sure someone sent those down the runway. The point is: Denim is no longer just denim. What once was a simple counterpart to a plain white tee and sneakers is now a clothing category all its own that's exploding with trends.
And that makes this round-up of 2018 denim styles all the more exciting. With so many designers searching for a way to define the fabric, we're seeing some exaggerated options we can't wait to try. So if you thought 2016's dip-dyed hems were pushing you out of your comfort zone, just you wait. Three-inch denim cuffs and baggy crotches are just a few of the styles about to dominate the jeans section of every retailer out there. Here's 10 we're betting on big.
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1. The Double Waist
The future has multiple waistbands. From extended midsections, to a waistband literally sewed on top of another, to mid-waist cut-outs, brands are experimenting with where a waist begins and where it ends.
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2. The Drop Crotch
Allow us to introduce the feminine baggy crotch: a slightly more subtle drop crotch than those found on male bottoms. This new trend lends itself to more trouser-like silhouettes versus the skinny jeans of the past.
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3. Ultra Cuffs
Forget the haphazard denim roll: this trend is all about thick cuffs, and not ones you can accomplish with your average D.I.Y. job. Instead, they're an exaggerated add-on, whether with extra-long hems folded over or via appliqués in different fabrics.
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4. Contrast Stitching
This trend is infiltrating both denim and trousers in general. Contrast stitching is all about outlining seams for an unexpected, almost half-finished, look.
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6. Colored Denim
From pale yellows to cherry reds, colored denim is making a return. We're keeping a particular eye out for jeans that straddle the line between pink and purple and anything of the red variety.
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5. Exaggerated Flares
Thanks for the memories, wide-legged jeans, but we're moving on to exaggerated flares. But these aren't your mom's bell bottoms. 2018's flares carry their own unique personalities, from baggy fits to leg slits and side-seam embellishments.
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6. Utility Pants
Shame on us for making fun of our beloved khakis and multi-pocket cargo pants for so long. While we're not quite ready to take them back in full, the utility look has returned. These G.I. and workwear-inspired jeans pair perfectly with 2018's ultra-feminine top trends.
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7. Thick Ring Zips
It's exactly what it sounds like. This style is all about showcasing what we used to hide: The focus is on displaying the crotch zipper with thick white bands and round ring zips.
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8. Red Tuxedo Stripes
You'd be hard pressed to find a single jean brand that isn't producing some iteration of this look. From flares to cropped jeggings and everything in between, be on the lookout for the denim cousin to the track pant.
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10. Baggy '90s Trousers
JNCO, where you at? Baggy jeans are back. Granted the 2018 version has slightly more tapered waists and defined seams, but we're almost ready to pair them with a cropped white baby tee and some Reeboks.

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