Josh Hutcherson’s New Hulu Show Is A Hunger Games Joke Waiting To Happen

Photo: Brandon Hickman/Hulu.
Josh Hutcherson just can't escape those strong female characters, and we're okay with that. His role in The Hunger Games involved a lowly bread-baker joining forces with a powerful woman, and his new show, Future Man, is barely any different. Well, okay, it's pretty different. Swap the tournament for a futuristic video game, and bread-baking for a janitor, but it still involves Josh Hutcherson trying to up keep up with a female warrior, and we're pretty excited.
Hutcherson's character, Josh Futturman, spends his days cleaning the floors at a Kronish Laboratories and his nights playing a video game about the mysterious "resistance." The mystery is solved pretty quickly, however, when he completes the game and the characters come to life. After time-traveling from the year 2162, two assassins reveal that the game was nothing more than a training manual sent back from the future in order to recruit the savior of the world.
Just wait. Things get crazier. Turns out, the very laboratory Josh works for ends up being responsible for the end of civilization as we know it thanks to a herpes medication they're developing. The only way to save everyone, the assassins explain, is to kill the medicine's creator who has been diagnosed with the STI, or go back in time and make sure he never gets herpes in the first place.
While this sounds intense, Future Man is very much a comedy. It's created by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and Hutcherson's character is less brooding and more...bumbling. IRL, he doesn't know how to use weapons or fight, but he does know how to moonwalk. Despite being the only person to have ever completed the game, he isn't much of a savior, and going back in time leads to a lot of '80s-themed mishaps.
Watch the trailer below, and check out the first episode when it hits Hulu on November 14.

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