Find The Maze With These Perfect Westworld Halloween Costumes

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When you’re watching Westworld, all of the humans in Delos Incorporated park Westworld are essentially playing dress up. While all of the visitors enjoy average lives most days of the year, when they go to the park, they choose unexpected costumery, pick a new personas through hat color, and live out their fantasies. For a short amount of time, these park-goers can be anyone they choose. Doesn’t that basically sound like Halloween night? This is the reason HBO’s sci-fi robot extravaganza is the perfect inspiration for your Halloween costume.
While Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood), Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton), and Clementine Pennyfeather (Angela Sarafyan) are simple and obvious choices, there are some far more creative Westworld costume possibilities hiding in the series. Keep reading to see all the other options you could find in the wide world of Westworld. While each and every ensemble is absolutely delightful, we promise not one costume has a violent end.
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The Maze

The Maze lives at the heart of Westworld season 1, so any major fan will immediately know what you’re going for. To become The Maze, without ever having to deal with someone as psychotic as the Man In Black (Ed Harris), get a regular brown dress, and paint the maze symbol on there with bronze or black paint. I would recommend pairing the dress with cowboy boots just to stay on the Western theme, but you're free to wear whatever shoes you want. Free-will is the whole point here, after all.

And, Boom, you’re the symbol that has been driving everyone from Dolores to TMIB crazy for a few decades. Proceed accordingly.
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The Milk Robot

All Westworld viewers can't forget that one season 1 robot who's absolutely obsessed with milk. Remember when he kept pouring down his murder victim's throat while repeatedly screaming, "You're growin' boy!" Or the time he swigged milk even while it shot out of his bullet hole-ridden body. Of course you do, because it's etched into your psyche forever.

You can pill off the same costume by wearing your finest Western duds and carrying a carafe of milk — or a spiked milk-like beverage if that's your thing — with you everywhere this Halloween.
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Dolores 1.0 & Dolores 2.0

Dolores goes through so much throughout Westworld’s first season, but she only really wears two outfits throughout the entire ordeal: her traditional Wild West blue dress, and her riding-ready button down and pants. This is the perfect choice for you and your Westworld-loving BFF who want to remind the world neither of you is the damsel in distress.
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William & The Man In Black

This is an easy one to genderbend, since all one has to do is rock the clothes of these two characters, who actually happen to be one man at wildly different points in his life. For William (Jimmi Simpson), all you need is a white hat, a denim button up, khaki pants or a skirt, a brown belt, and a light brown blazer if you think you’ll get chilly.

For The Man In Black, you or your Halloween partner in crime essentially need all the same items… but in black. A black scarf and a pair of black gloves would also help, since TMIB literally never takes those items off; this is both a suspicious and fashionable detail.
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William & The Men In Black Men In Black

So you love Westworld but are also a fan of puns? Man, have we figured out the costume for you. For Halloween, you need to be William, with the same aforementioned white-and-tan outfit, and at least one man in black from the Men In Black series — you know, like Jay (Will Smith) and/or Kay (Tommy Lee Jones or James Brolin, depending on which movie we’re talking about here).

Please imagine telling people, “We’re William and The Man In Black,” and then hitting someone with a fake neuralyzer from MIB. This is perfect and hilarious and you will win the Funniest Costume award. Congratulations, you are now the new hotness.
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The Westworld Soundtrack

This costume is another one you’ll have to explain, but everyone will love once you do. While Westworld best known for its violence, deep philosophical musings on technology and consciousness, and its classic HBO nudity, it also has one more major thing going for it: the soundtrack. A player piano in Maeve’s brothel, the Mariposa Saloon, consistently knocks out out-timey-sounding versions of modern-day rock songs. Get a group of your favorite Westworld viewing party buddies and be those songs.

The tracks played throughout Westworld give you a lot of costume possibilities, including Soundgarden's “Black Hole Sun,” The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black,” The Cure’s “A Forest” Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees,” and The Animal’s “House Of The Rising Sun.” All of those songs are easy to turn into costumes, and all of them are genuinely funny when put together.
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As we said, there will be a ton of Maeve Millays and Dolores Abernathys this Halloween because they’re the most popular characters on Westworld. But, may we recommend the bandit Armistice (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal), instead? Armistice’s full-body snake tattoo clearly makes for an awesome Halloween costume, especially if you opt for a nude bodysuit and paint the massive piece of ink onto the it like this San Diego Comic-Con cosplayer did. If you’re not trying to run around pretending to be nude — hey! Everyone has a different comfort level — you can sport her traditional bandit gear, which is just a brown top, cowboy hat, and brown pants. But, remember, that face tattoo is mandatory.
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A Basic Westworld Robot

This is another costume that would work best with a bodysuit. This time you need a white one, and can simply draw on the genuinely creepy lines of the Westworld robots when they’re spread out on that wheel and freshly dipped in white goo, similar to this real-life horror show. This idea is probably the closest you’ll get to a truly scary Westworld Halloween costume.

Bonus points if you draw the haunting lines onto your face too, or figure out a way to get a faux version of the wheel attached to your costume — one half of a hula hoop should work.
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A Westworld Technician

If you think traditionally “sexy” — A.K.A. revealing — costumes are dumb, this is the one for you. Cover up to the max as a Westworld technician like Lutz (Leonardo Nam) and the late, generally terrible, Sylvester (Ptolemy Slocum). For this costume you need an all-white outfit, a white apron, red boots or shoes, and red rubber sleeve protectors. The technicians’ very specific gas masks and helmets are also a necessity, but since those are probably only available in the Westworld costume department, we say to opt for a regular old gas mask or just a simple pair of clear plastic safety goggles.

If you want to be extra macabre for Halloween, douse your costume in fake blood and tell everyone you’re Sylvester.
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