Will This Terrifying New Show Replace American Horror Story?

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.
Fictional horror stories have the power to chill us to the bone and to keep us awake at night, counting the hours until the sunlight creeps through the windows. But real-life horror stories? That's a different kind of unnerving altogether — no matter how terrifying the story becomes, it's always scarier knowing that it really happened.
Lore, a new show premiering on Amazon in October, explores this idea this in-depth. It began as a successful podcast that told the terrifyingly true stories behind the folklore stories we all heard as kids. As it turns out, sometimes the truth is scarier than the fictionalized version.
The show will cover some seriously creepy material, ranging from the 19th-century Spiritualist movement, to a village mob who believed werewolves were prowling through their streets, and the not-so-distant past of lobotomies. The official trailer for the show, just released today, shows us the spooky dramatizations that are beautiful as they are true-to-life. You'll definitely want to sage smudge your laptop after viewing it. We can also bet that the show's production will be top-notch: two of the producers worked on the Walking Dead and the X-Files.
What makes Lore so terrifying? Knowing that the stories are entirely true, and are the result of human reasoning gone haywire. It's not an a fantastical escape, it's a mirror into the goriest parts of our shared history, along with the knowledge that the aftereffects of these stories still linger on today. People still conduct exorcisms and some parts of the world still perform lobotomies. Um, terrifying!
Check out the full trailer below, but don't say we didn't warn you. Lore premieres on (when else?) Friday, October 13. Just in time for Halloween!

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