The Internet Is Applauding This Sneaky Dog For Stealing Empanadas Right Off The Grill

Photographed by David Cortes.
We are firm believers that you should never be ashamed of your snacking preferences. If you love peanut butter on your scrambled eggs, who cares that a lot of other people might think it’s disgusting. You do you. However, we do understand that there are certain situations in which it might be essential to be a little bit secretive about your snacking, like, ahem, when you’re stealing said food from someone else. Take for instance the pup we have dubbed Empanada Dog, who recently went viral on Twitter after he very sneakily stole a freshly made snack right out from under several human noses.
Yesterday, singer and guitarist Mikel Jollett shared a video on Twitter that showed a woman being interviewed while standing behind a grill laden with empanadas. As the reporter is talking to the woman, a brown doggo pokes its head into the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and stealthily snatches one of the empanadas. He then completely disappears. The best part is, no one seems to notice. Accompanying the video, Jollett wrote, "The dog is the real hero here."
Since being shared by Mikel Jollet on Twitter yesterday afternoon, the video has received over 76,000 likes, and its been retweeted over 37,000 times. It has also gotten nearly 900 comments, and naturally most of them are praising this pup's slyness.
Empanada Dog isn't the only animal who has become famous for trying to secretly snatch snacks. In January, we briefly became obsessed with the Canadian squirrel who pilfered chocolate bars from his local connivence store, and of course, we'll never forget the MVP cat that stole those Christmas cinnamon buns. While we wish these creatures didn't have to be so sneaky in order to get the treats they want, we certainly respect their hustle and hope they enjoyed every last bite of the snacks they swiped.
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