This Cat’s Face After He Got Caught Taking A Cinnamon Roll Is Priceless

We've all been caught with our hand in the cookie jar. And we all make the same exact guilty face when it happens. You know the one. It's the same one we make when someone sees us stealing a secret French fry off their plate or grabbing a brownie before it's had a chance to cool. What we didn't know is that apparently cats make the exact same face. According to BuzzFeed, a regular old house cat named Percy has become Twitter famous overnight after his owner Sophia Lindner caught him making a break for some cinnamon rolls. It all went down on Christmas when her family's cinnamon roll tradition caught Percy's attention. Apparently, according to Lindner, Percy is well aware of a long list of human foods he's not supposed to eat, but that doesn't stop him. “He knows how to steal out of Tupperware containers, cupboards, and backpacks,” Lindner told BuzzFeed. Despite knowing better, Percy still took a swipe at the plate of sweet treats, and his owner managed to catch the exact moment that he realized there was a witness to his frosting-covered crime on camera. She posted the photos on Twitter, and the rest is internet history.

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