15 White Pieces To Wear After Labor Day, Because Nobody Tells Us What To Do

Time for an inconvenient truth: Labor Day is imminent. While a day of no work, frankly irresponsible amounts of food, and a last-minute attempt to get a tan should be met with joy, it's sullied by a notorious style rule: Yes, I'm talking about the "don't wear white after Labor Day" adage, largely perpetuated by grandmas and advice columnists. But here at Refinery29, we're fans of a different style tenant: fuck the fashion rules.
The official end of summer is already a downer — do we really need to make it worse by limiting our closets (and personal expression) because of some outdated statement? Plus, as our planet slowly roasts like a rotisserie chicken under an ever-increasing quantity greenhouse gases, early September is feeling less and less like fall. Throw in the fact that winter white is officially a thing and we're in color rebellion business.
Ahead, we've rounded up 15 pieces to consider adding to your wardrobe — today, tomorrow, or even (faux gasp!) after Labor Day.

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