Airbnb Is Letting Two Lucky Users See The Solar Eclipse In The Most Stunning Way

Photo: Getty Images.
In just a few weeks, some of us will have the rare opportunity to see a total solar eclipsean astronomical event every one or two years in which the sun, moon, and earth totally line up, causing the moon to block our view of the sun. The last time Americans got to see one was 99 years ago, so people are hyped up for this next one, which takes place on August 21. To celebrate, Airbnb is giving away a special viewing spot to a few lucky contest winners.
The transparent geodesic dome — equipped with telescopes, a night sky photographer, and an astrophysicist to explain the celestial activities — is in the unincorporated community of Terrebonne in Bend, Oregon, where the eclipse will make one of its first appearances. People along a line stretching from Oregon to South Carolina will be able to witness the spectacular cosmic event. Airbnb will not only send you to Bend but also fly you along this entire path, known as the Path of Totality, on a private jet. In the air, you can view the eclipse for nearly two minutes more than you'd be able to on the ground. You also may catch a mirror image of it in the clouds below you.
Through Airbnb's giveaway, two people will win nights in this special dome on August 20 and 21. The host, Dr. Jedidah Isler, describes herself as "a scholar and speaker who works at the intersections of science and social justice." She's also the first Black woman to ever get an astrophysics Ph.D. from Yale. The trip includes dinner with her to find out everything you want to know about outer space.
Through midnight on Thursday, August 10, you can put yourself in the running by providing a thoughtful answer to question posed on Airbnb's site.

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