People On Twitter Are Accusing Kylie Jenner Of Copying Rihanna

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
It looks like Kylie Jenner can't go more than a week without stepping in some kind of drama. This particular drama, however, has been brewing for some time now, and Twitter has the receipts. Specifically, users are calling the Lip Kit creator out for how often she seems to wear the same clothes as Rihanna, or mimic her hair and mannerisms in photos.
Already, I'm a little suspect of this. First off, I don't know why this weird rivalry needs to exist in the first place, and secondly, it's not like I've never shown up wearing the same shirt as one of my co-worker's. For Kylie and Rihanna, just imagine that shirt is Gucci. Celebs work with a lot of the same brands and follow the trends just like the rest of us — should we really be surprised that Kylie and Rihanna's looks sometimes have overlap? And if that's the case, why are they automatically competing?
Regardless, this is something Twitter cannot get over.
"THE WIG. THE GLASSES. THE WATCH........IM-" wrote one user under photos of the stars wearing similar wigs and holding their hands in the same position.
"Kylie came to show Rihanna how it's REALLY done," another added, with pictures of both Kylie and Rihanna wearing long auburn hair.
"Kylie x Rihanna," reads one tweet with the stars wearing the same jacket.
After spotting these similarities, some people decided to take sides.
"Any trend you see Kylie/Kendall wear, Rihanna did it first and better," wrote user @blckvans.
"Kylie Jenner is trying so hard to be like Rihanna lmao," added @riotsoph.
"Kylie Jenner as soon as Rihanna drops Fenty Beauty," @darkwavebaby captioned a video of someone fastidiously taking notes from their computer screen, implying that Kylie would copy all of Rihanna's Fenty Beauty details.
We may never know if these similarities are intentional, but even if they are, why shouldn't one artist be inspired by another? Is this really any reason to pick sides? It doesn't hurt the other if one wears the same jacket, it just means they both have great taste. I'm neutral territory in this debate, but something tells me Twitter will keep doing Twitter without me.

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