This Will Convince You That A White Castle Wedding Is The Best Idea EVER

Photographed by Megan Madden.
If your courtship were a slider, what kind of slider would it be? And why?
Oh, you have no idea? Well, you better figure it out quickly if you want to win a White Castle Royal Wedding, a Vegas bash (and Belgian honeymoon) the chain is giving away right now.
Yeah, it sounds ridiculous and hokey. But you see, White Castle has been a low-key romance destination for decades. Thousands of couples celebrate Valentine's Day there every year, surrounded by heart balloons and plastic roses while dining on chicken rings and mini-cheeseburgers. What could be more romantic than not racking up a $300 bill on dinner for two?
According to the chain, more than 75 couples have been married in its restaurants over the past 10 years. So presumably, White Castle is trying to capitalize on its kitschiness and budget appeal by holding its very first national wedding contest.
The grand-prize winner will get a free wedding in Vegas and honeymoon in Brussels, reports Travel + Leisure. This includes roundtrip airfare, transportation, three nights' hotel stay, White Castle gift cards, and more for you and six guests. White Castle will cover the whole shindig: rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, cake (hamburger cake?!), flowers, decor, music, and a photographer.
Your Belgian honeymoon would include hotel accommodations for five nights, food, and a travel allowance. Runners-up will get two packages of White Castle food and non-alcoholic beverages for up to 200 guests at two wedding receptions held anywhere in the continental U.S. (Not bad either.)
"Getting married at a White Castle in Las Vegas is a BOLD MOVE for those people looking for something new, different, exciting, and memorable," Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle, said in a statement. "Get bold with your entry. Don’t just tell us, but show us why the 'Royal Wedding' experience has to be yours!"
You can enter by — what else — writing a love letter about what White Castle really means to you. Now, you might want to get that "What slider is your courtship" answer polished.

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