Jon Snow Just Got His Own Cristiano Rinaldo-Style Likeness

Photo: Courtesy of Dark Horse.
Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Jon Snow has won the hearts of Game of Thrones viewers around the world. (He's also totally going to win the throne.) But today we have failed the man we all love. More specifically, this new GOT collectible bust has failed him. Hard.
This week, Dark Horse unveiled the first look at its new limited edition bust of the character, played by Kit Harington on the show. It's based on the Battle of the Bastards (a.k.a. Jon Snow vs. Ramsay Bolton), which took place in the memorable second-to-last episode of season 6. It's extremely detailed for its height — a mere six inches tall. It's also absolutely hideous.
The statuette does not in any way capture the handsomeness — the essence — of the iconic character. He has that expression on his face because he's going into battle and about to kick some serious Bolton ass, I get it. But this is just not right. It's actually so wrong that it pains us took at it. I mean, the man has been mangled — talk about dishonor.
It actually quite reminds us of another recent incident involving a very poor likeness of a beloved figure. Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Rinaldo had his own terrible statue erected in his name, and the lack of resemblance caused the image to go viral; people couldn't stop laughing at how bad it was. It was actually considerably worse than this botch job, considering how its googly eyes were all over the place and the monstrosity was life-size. At least Jon Snow's tragic figurine is tiny.
Should you care to purchase this... thing, it will be available on August 23 for $89.99. For now, please rejoice in the brand new season 7 photos HBO released today. There are a few good shots of the real Jon Snow in there.
Photo: Courtesy of Dark Horse.

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