Sean Lowe Would Never Do Dancing With The Stars Again

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images.
Dancing with the Stars seems like the dream follow-up to a show like The Bachelor. It plays into a lot of the same interests: getting dressed up, being on camera, and competing to impress someone you will probably never see again after the show. So, it's sort of surprising to hear a Bachelor alum so honestly shade the series and everything it did for him. (It proceeded to keep him relevant in the news reality cycle.)
Sean Lowe, who appeared on both The Bachelorette (he came in third on the show's eighth season) and The Bachelor (he married the recipient of his final rose, Catherine Giudici, after the show's seventeenth season) told Entertainment Weekly that if given the chance, he would not choose to appear on Dancing With The Stars again. "We went from The Bachelor to Dancing With the Stars, which was really... I didn't know the time commitment I was signing up for when I decided to do the show," Sean told the site. "So poor Catherine moved from Seattle to Los Angeles, and I went to Los Angeles." He felt that is was totally unfair of him to be away from his new fiancée all day while he was filming, leaving them hardly any time together — which is a totally fair and valid point.
But the rest of his response seems a little pointed at a certain someone who happens to be on the show right now and is combatting rumors about his love life (hint: he recently went by the name Pinocchio). "I was rehearsing 10 or 12 hours a day, so my new fiancée was basically just on her own which was really unfair to her, but being able to work through that and the challenges that you face because we barely knew each other when we got engaged," he said. Luckily, he and Giudici are still together and happily married, living in Dallas with their son.
Lowe lasted until the eighth week of the series, when he was sent home with a (pretty) low score. Who's to say whether we would even still be talking about him if he didn't keep wading in the reality show pool, like he did in 2013, when he appeared on both series? That's just the cost of fame I guess.

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