This Supermarket Is Selling Chocolate Sandwiches & We're Surprisingly Repulsed

People like to say that chocolate would taste good with literally anything, and if chocolate-covered bacon doesn't make a strong case for that, chocolate-covered bugs definitely do. But in these same conversations, there's always someone else to think of a counterexample. And that's where chocolate, lettuce, and orange sandwiches come in handy.
The Wales supermarket Channings Newsagents is selling a variety of candy sandwiches. Their first concoction was "Marmite & Jelly Beans," and they recently added "Chocolate Orange & Lettuce" — which advertises itself as being butter-free, as if that's a condiment you typically expect with your chocolate and veggie baguette — and "Liquorice Allsorts," which is filled with a variety of multi-colored licorice candies.
The owner, Phil, told Ollie Cole in a Medium post that he creates the candy sandwiches "just to add a bit of fun to the shelves." He admitted that "they’ll never beat a ham salad."
We're not opposed on principle to putting chocolate in sandwiches. After all, that is kind of what a Nutella sandwich is, and those are good enough to be sold at McDonald's in Italy. But why'd Phil have to go and ruin them by sticking the lettuce and orange in there?
It seems like he knows what he's doing. He told Wales Online he creates "anything that sounds just totally wrong — that's the type of sandwich we try to make."
If his goal is merely to troll his customers, he's accomplished more than he intended, because they're selling out so quickly that Wales Online's staff couldn't purchase any. "I don't know who's buying them, but I guess when someone picks them up and takes them back to the office it's a bit of a laugh," he said.
Whatever people's reasons for obtaining these peculiar lunches, it's probably not for the taste. Wales Online's Josh Knapman made some himself and said they were unbearably dry.

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